Oaxaca Nightlife and Mexico Rental Cars

Get ready for a fun filled night when you travel with your Mexico rental cars to Oaxaca. Oaxaca has much to offer for those looking for entertainment at night. The people of Oaxaca love their music and it shows in their nightlife. The diverse sounds that you will find at some of the venues include disco, salsa clubs, jazz, piano bars, Guelaguetza shows and so much more!

A little about Oaxaca
Oaxaca is located in the southern part of the country, west of the Isthmus of Tehuantpec. Oaxaca borders the states of Guerrero to the west, Puebla to the northwest, Veracruz to the north, Chiapas to the east and the Pacific Ocean in the south. The state is named for its largest city. Oaxaca is also the historic home of the Zapotec and Mixtec people, containing more speakers of indigenous languages than any other Mexican state. This has given Oaxaca tremendous amount of diversity in its regional cuisine.

Hot Salsa Spot
For some smoking hot salsa moves Candela (located on Murguia 413) is the place to be, this restaurant/bar is a great place to meet the locals, grab a drink, and try out some salsa moves. Make sure to arrive a little earlier because pretty soon the place will be packed. With a live salsa band every night the floor is always full. Be prepared to pay for a cover charge if you come in during the weekend.

For those looking to party it up
For the night owls, Full Drink is the place to be with your Mexico rental cars. Full Drink opens at midnight and closes around 6 am. At La Tentacion located on Matamoros 101, both foreigners and locals head over here on Friday and Saturday night to salsa, meringue and cumbia the night away.

Another great place is La Divina. Facing the Santo Domingo Church, the interior is decorated for a disco night and the music list varies from salsa to house to trance to reggae. For the rock lovers, there is live rock music a few nights every week. The place gets so packed that it's often that the party spills out into the streets.

Something a little quieter
For those looking for a more mellow night out El Pochote shows independent, art-house and classic Mexican and international movies. There s a different theme each month so make sure to check it out by stopping by with your Mexico rental cars. For more information on El Pochote visit their website at www.elpochote.blogspot.com or call 514 11 94.

Dancing to a different beat
Another great place to chill during the night is the Café Central. Owned by one of Oaxaca innovative painters, Guillermo Olguin, Café Central is frequented by Oaxaca's artsy, bohemian, and alternative scene residents. Come in on Thursdays to see some rarely seen live music acts, dance and independent films. The wall space in the café is used as an alternative gallery for some well-known and unknown artists. Drop by Friday and Saturday night and you will find that the café has more of a nightclub vibe playing an eclectic music mix. For more information on Café Central call 514 20 42.

Partying it up till dawn
After a good time enjoying the nightlife in Oaxaca with your Mexico rental cars try some of the cuisine along the way before you hit the sack. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Oaxaca is famous for its cheese which is exported around the world. Corn tortillas are the staple food as well as other foods prepared from corn dough. You definitely need to try Oaxaca's breakfast specialty, eggs poached in a chili tomato soup.

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