Mexico Car Rental and Acapulco Accommodations

Acapulco is an exciting city to visit with your Mexico car rental. It is famous for its beaches, sports, and nightlife. But at night when you make it back to your hotel, you will also be satisfied with the accommodations offered here.

Make your stay grand at Gran Turismo Hotels
Some of Acapulco's best hotels are located in the Diamond and Golden Zones as part of the Gran Turismo Hotels. With beach side views and the highest service available, these hotels are great to visit with your Mexico car rental.

• The Camino Real is tucked into the steep mountainside that overlooks the Bay of Puerto Marques. All of the rooms here have a scenic view of the bay and the surrounding areas. This hotel has a reputation for being among the best hotels in Acapulco because of the quality of service and facilities here.
• The Hotel Emporio is located on a private beach in downtown Acapulco, three kilometers from city attractions with your Mexico car rental. The hotel has many dining options, including a restaurant with a fusion of Mexican and Oriental cuisine. Here you will find two pools, a gym, kid's area, and spa. On-site activities include water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, snorkeling, fishing, and golf.
• The Fiesta Americana is located in one of the oldest ports of destination in Acapulco and boasts the best location in the city with your Mexico car rental. There is a special charm here that appeals to families, business people, and groups who can all enjoy the amenities and location in the center of the bay.

Get comfortable for your stay
Next you have the five-star hotels of Acapulco that are equally impressive for their amenities and service as the Gran Tuismo hotels. The Copacabana is a well-known beachfront hotel overlooking Acapulco Bay in the Golden Zone. It is only a short walk from here to all of the city's major attractions, restaurants, and nightclubs. All of the rooms have a private balcony or terrace that overlooks either the pool or ocean.

Get to know your home away from home
When you come to your hotel with your Mexico car rental, you will want to know what is included in your stay. Hotels in Acapulco generally offer two different types of plan. There is the all-inclusive plan, in which the price of the hotel includes all food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks). This is good if you plan to eat mostly at the hotel and drink there as well. There is also the European plan, which the price does not include food or drinks. This is a good plan if you are traveling with people who do not drink alcohol and you plan on sampling many different restaurants around the city. Having an idea of what you want to do in Acapulco will give you a better idea of which plan will make the most sense for you to buy. Check out the hotel websites, because while some hotels offer a choice, there are others that will accommodate only one or the other.

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