Mexico Car Rental and Acapulco Beaches

Acapulco is known for its excellent beaches that you can visit with your Mexico car rental. Pack your sunscreen and head for the water! Acapulco is situated on a horseshoe-shaped bay with hills and cliffs on both sides. The city and beaches are located within this bay.

Rub in the sunscreen
The beaches in Acapulco do not have life guards, and the currents can be strong at times. Make sure that after you put on your sunscreen when you leave your Mexico car rental that you always swim with a buddy. Caleta Beach was once one of the most popular beaches because its waters are calmer than most areas. It is located in the "old part of the city, making it a popular tourist attraction. However, it is also an attraction for vendors who walk along the beach selling stuff. You wont have as much peace and quiet here.

Take the road less traveled
Puerto Marques is located about 15-20 minutes from the strip with your Mexico car rental. This is a favorite among Mexican tourists but less popular among Americans. The waves are pretty calm here, so swimming and water sports are a good idea here. There is also the Revolcadero Beach near the Princess Hotel (close to the airport). This beach is also a little far from the main strip, but this is one of your best bets for an exclusive beach in Acapulco with your Mexico car rental.

Ride the waves
Pie de la Cuesta is a great place to make a day trip with your Mexico car rental and also an excellent location to watch the sunset. The waves here are quite large. So swimming is not recommended, but there are great restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink. There is also a nearby lagoon where you can water-ski while you are here. La Bonfil also has large waves and is said to be one of the best areas for surfing. The beach is more peaceful than others in the area and free of the vendors on the other beaches. However, you may not want to swim here.

Take a dive
One thing that Acapulco is famous for are the La Quebrada cliff divers. This is a must see with your Mexico car rental. You can see them take a leap at 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10 p.m. everyday. The last show is the most exciting because the divers carry torches with them, adding more drama to the show.

Acapulco has some great beaches that you will not want to miss while you are visiting with your Mexico car rental. Whether you are looking for exciting water sports, a gentle swim, or just drinks in the sand, Acapulco will not disappoint you.

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