Car Rental Mazatlan and Acapulco Botanic Garden

Walking through this Mexican paradise, you'll see colorful wildlife and smell the aroma of a luxurious floral wonderland. Located in the Southern Sierra Madre Mountains, the Acapulco Botanical Garden is a great place to stop with AGA car rental Mazatlan. Take a leisurely walk through this tropical botanic garden. Nestled in one of Mexico's unique regions, the Acapulco Botanical Garden is a non-profit organization that houses some of Mexico's most exotic and spectacular plants. When you travel with AGA car rental Mazatlan, plan a trip to the Acapulco Botanical Garden.

Jardin Botanico: Esther Pliego de Salinas
Confused by the title above? Don't worry, you don't have to speak or read Spanish to appreciate the natural beauty of the Acapulco Botanical Garden. The garden is home to a variety of plant species including cycads, fruit trees, bromeliads, aeroids, ferns, and other desert plants. When you travel through Mexico with AGA car rental Mazatlan, you'll see amazing plants and animals. Why not save some time and see it all at the Acapulco Botanical Garden. Along with an array of plant species, you'll also find parrots, iguanas, lizards, ringtail possums, and various other birds and animals. In total, there are over 6000 plants and animals at the Acapulco Botanical Garden. The Garden also features two picturesque creeks.

Affordable cars, affordable flowers
Why buy that special someone a bouquet of flowers when you can take them to see one of the world's most diverse and beautiful gardens. When you travel with AGA car rental Mazatlan to the Acapulco Botanical Garden, you're not only in for a wonderful adventure, but an affordable one too. Admission into the Botanic Garden is only $3.00 American for adults. Children under twelve years of age are free. As well, if you plan to visit the Acapulco Botanical Garden on a Sunday, admission is free to everyone. The next time you travel to the Acapulco Botanic Garden, choose AGA car rental Mazatlan.

At the red flower, turn left
Finding the Acapulco Botanic Garden isn't as easy as following the flowers, but with AGA car rental Mazatlan, your drive will be enjoyable. Roll down the windows of your AGA car rental Mazatlan vehicle and let the warm Mexican sun guide you. Take the Scenic Drive Highway from Acapulco towards the Carreterra Escenica Airport. When you see signs for Pacific Loyola University, follow them as the road splits to the left. TheAcapulco Botanic Garden is located on-site at Loyola.

Learn and Love
As you stop and look out over the spectacular Acapulco Botanical Gardens, you'll immediately fall in love. Whether you're looking to walk the scenic paths alone, or take a guided tour, the Botanic Garden is a great place to spend an afternoon. To learn more about the wildlife that calls the Acapulco Botanical Garden home, take a guided tour. Guided tours are available for $5.00 American per visitor. Open from dawn until dusk, every day of the year, the Acapulco Botanical Garden is a top destination for AGA car rental Mazatlan customers. The Acapulco Botanical Garden can be contacted by calling (52) 744-446-5252.

A mission for beauty
Many individuals strive to be beautiful, but the Acapulco Botanical Gardens' mission is slightly different. This non-profit organization not only wants to beautify the area, but also to create a welcoming environment for students and adults alike to learn about nature. Offering spectacular educational programs, the Botanical Garden seeks to increase knowledge and appreciation for nature. As well, the Garden serves as a sanctuary for endangered and protected plant species. On your next Mexico vacation, travel with AGA car rental Mazatlan to the scenic Acapulco Botanical Garden.

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