Mexico Car Rental and Acapulco Dining

Acapulco has great dining if you venture from your hotel with your Mexico car rental. There are more than just Mexican restaurants here. There are also popular American, Italian, and seafood restaurants can all be found around Acapulco Bay. There are taco huts and burger joints along the beach to upscale dining establishments. There is no need to worry too much about the food – most restaurants purify their drinking and cooking water, but be sure to ask. It is also better to order bottled water, drinks without ice, beer, or wine to drink with your meals.

Recommended restaurants: eat your heart out
When you are visiting Acapulco with your Mexico car rental, there are many eating options. Madeiras has established itself as a must-see restaurant for visitors to try with their Mexico car rental. It is even the destination of choice by presidents, prime ministers, governors, and many famous people while they are staying in the city. The cuisine is contemporary international. Reservations are highly recommended before coming here.

Bellavista also comes highly recommended when you visit with your Mexico car rental. This restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner. Here they take pride in the presentation of each dish, not just the flavor of the food. Famous for their view, when you enjoy a meal here you will find yourself in one of the highest and most exclusive areas of Acapulco. Why not have dinner during sunset for a truly amazing experience.

Take to the water
Instead of dining high up in the mountains, why not eat a little closer to sea level? Take your Mexico car rental to La Vela, which is set on a wharf that jets out onto Pichilingue Bay. This open-air restaurant is protected by a roof that looks like a huge white sail, so it really does feel as if you are on the water. No surprise here – there are many seafood dishes on the menu. The specialty of the house is the red snapper a la talla (basted with chili and other spices, then broiled over hot coals).

Get to know the local cuisine
There are a number of very good Mexican dishes that you should try while visiting with your Mexico car rental. Due to the location, seafood dishes are quite popular here. Many of the local dishes are served with soup, salad, tortillas, and are accompanied by sour cream and guacamole. Some of the local specialties include ceviche (marinated shellfish with green chilies), enchiladas and tacos, mole poblano (chicken with a chocolate sauce), picaditas (corn tortillas served with chili and cheese), pozole (a broth made of pork, beef, or chicken), sincronizadas (grilled sandwich), and sopes (flat cakes made with refried beans).

Acapulco has a number of restaurants for you to visit with your Mexico car rental. From inexpensive family meals to fine dining, there are a number of choices. Also, don't assume that you will only find Mexican food here. There are many different countries represented here, including popular American restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe to a number of good Italian eateries.

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