Mexico Car Rental and an Acapulco Overview

Acapulco is a major sea port on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and a popular destination to visit with your Mexico car rental. It is located in the Guerrero State on the Pacific Ocean, about 190 miles southwest of Mexico City.

Relive ancient history
There is evidence to suggest that Acapulco has been inhabited since before 3000 CE. There have been ceramic pieces found in the coastal region of Puerto Marques, which could be some of the oldest in Mesoamerica. Later settlements focused on fishing, hunting, and agriculture in the region. By 1519, the Spanish had discovered the area and sent people to colonize the area after Acapulco became a direct dependent on the Spanish Crown in 1532. This was a key port of call for 256 years in a trade movement known as the Manila-Acapulco Galleon, which established trade between the Philippines and Mexico.

Live your dream vacation
In the 20th century, Acapulco became a popular tourist destination which you can visit with your Mexico car rental. It has become so popular that it even rivals Cancun as a destination of choice among travelers. The majority of people who visit are Mexicans, but increasingly there are a number of foreign tourists coming to the area. Part of the attraction of Acapulco when visiting with your Mexico car rental is the pleasant year-round weather as well as a number of resorts, bars, and other attractions to keep you busy.

As with other areas, Acapulco is a great destination if you like water sports, particularly water skiing, para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and deep sea fishing. When you visit with your Mexico car rental you will also want to take a boat to Roqueta, a nearby island with a great beach. You can reach Roqueta by boat with a glass bottom.

Dive into the fun
One of the most interesting things you can see while you visit with your Mexico car rental is the La Quebrada Cliff Divers, who perform jumps into the shallow stream at the bottom of La Quebrada.

At night, the clubs come to life and cater to a number of different crowds. Many of the clubs play American music, but also throw in some popular Mexican music as well. Palladium, Mandara, and Privado are all popular with American tourists and located within a mile of each other with your Mexico car rental. Most clubs are open bar, but some are pay on tab. As ask the concierge at your hotel for a recommendation of where to go based on the type of venue you are looking for.

Acapulco is a fun place to visit with your Mexico car rental. Like other popular Mexican destinations, the days are filled with relaxing on the beach, participating in water sports, and exploring the local culture, while the nights are filled with food, music, and drink. While you are in Acapulco you can learn a lot about the Mexican culture, but still feel as if you are at home with the accommodations and food.

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