Mexico City Car Rental and Alameda Central

Green and glorious, Alameda Central is the oldest public park in Mexico City, not to mention one of the best places to sit back and relax after a long Mexico City car rental sightseeing tour. Located adjacent to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, between Juarez Avenue and Hidalgo Avenue,Alameda Central is a public Park famous for its paved paths and decorative fountains. A common choice for civic events, Alameda Central is both beautiful and historically important to the city.

Enjoy a history lesson in Mexico City's famous outdoor classroom
Alameda Central is far more than an outside oasis of grass and trees; it's also a landmark historical destination. Created in the 16 century by Viceroy Luis de Velasco, the park was designed as "a walk to make the city more beautiful and at the same time a place of recreation for its inhabitants." In order to fulfill this promise, a great number of poplar trees, known as Alamos in Mexico, were planted at what was then the eastern limit of the young vice-royal city. Mexico City car rental travelers won't find many Alamos inside the park today however, as many were replaced by faster growing ash and willow trees soon after the initial planting. Nevertheless, the name Alameda has stuck to the park ever since.

Even beautiful places have dirty secrets
During its history, the Alameda Central has functioned as much more than a meeting place for Mexico City car rental travelers. After the Viceroy's ruling period, the Alameda turned from fanciful park to grassy grazing area, as neighbours let their horses roam through the lush landscape. This prompted concerned citizens to enclose the park with stone walls, remnants of which can sometimes be found in the park of today. For several years, the western limit of the park, in the plaza of San Diego, there also functioned the stake of the Inquisition; a place where atheists, Jews or any other "inconvenient" people were condemned to death by the regime.

Sights to watch for inside the Alameda Central
Mexico City car rental travelers will find a myriad of sculptures and fountains within the Alameda Central Park. While wandering along the pathways, travelers will find memorials to everyone from Alexander von Humboldt to Beethoven. A stunning fountain of "Venus led by Zephyrs," a work by Mathurin Moreau, can be found near the center of the park, along with fountains of numerous other mythical gods. If you have an appreciation for classical music, AGA highly recommends taking a look at a monument donated by the German community to Alameda Central. It is dedicated to Beethoven in commemoration of the centenary of his famous 9th Symphony. One the south side of the park, Mexico City car rental travelers will discover a white semi-circular monument. This special memorial is dedicated to Benito Juarez, one of Mexico's most beloved presidents. Other park highlights include a bandstand, electric lights and a Pavilion off of Hidalgo Avenue.

A must visit for Mexican tourists
The Alameda Central is one of Mexico City's most beloved green spaces. Whether you're looking to stretch your legs with a brisk walk, or enjoy a siesta beneath the shade of a willow tree, Alameda Central has everything you need for an enjoyable afternoon outdoors. Since its creation back in the 16th century, the park has been a place where people of all classes can come together as equals and engage in open discussions. While the park has a few dark spots in its history, it is now a place where people strive to erase religious intolerance and social strife. Drop by during your upcoming Mexico City car rental vacation and enjoy the Alameda Central's vibrant atmosphere for yourself!

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