April Fools (December 28) in Mazatlan and Mazatlan Rental Cars

April fools is a day celebrated in many countries on April 1. Although it's origin is not certain, it has been said that April Fools was first celebrated after the change to the Gregorian Calendar. People who were still using the Julian Calendar where called an April Fool. When you travel with your Mazatlan rental cars to Mazatlan December 28 is the day of practical jokes. Actually, the day is more akin to April Fool's day, with gags and jokes being played. On this day, people play inocentadas (pranks or practical jokes) on friends and relatives: people make jokes hoping that the victim believes the false thing. When people get caught, the joker says: "Inocente, inocente!" ("Innocent, innocent!"). Join in the phone with your Mazatlan rental cars!

How it all began
Dia de los Santos Inocentes, Day of the Holy Innocents is a religious holiday named in honor of the young children who were slaughtered by order of King Herod around the time of Jesus' birth. These young victims were called Santos Inocentes or "Holy Innocents" because they were too young and innocent to have committed any sins. Although the feast remains the religious aspect has been almost forgotten. Similar to Halloween, groups of children in towns across Mazatlan used to go from house to house asking for candy or cookies, making noise with spoons and anise bottles, and singing traditional Christmas songs. This custom has also faded, especially in the large cities, but is still practiced in some of the smaller villages. In the older days, bakers made salted tarts, people nailed coins to the floor, etc. The most usual was to cut out a paper puppet and stick it to the back of a passer-by, which they would wear without knowing and many would make jokes in bad taste.

Be careful what you read
Don't get too excited by the headlines you read in the local newspaper on December 28th. This is the traditional Aprils Fools day in Mexico. The newspapers and other media are in on the joke as well, reporting false news for the people to figure out. Last year's headlines included an article about importing sand to the beaches, and the assault on President Bush by Saddam Hussein as he secretly visited him in his cell. Last year they had a front page article about snow on lighthouse hill, complete with photographs

Making new traditions
Today, during April Fools people ask to borrow objects of value or money from friends, creating elaborate stories, problems or tragedies to convince their prey. If someone falls victim to this, they are given sweets, miniature toys or a silly gift in return but they also have to face the jokes and name calling for the rest of the day. So you're warned, don't fall for a friend's story on this day when you travel with your Mazatlan rental cars.

Making new traditions
In some parts of Spain young boys of a town or village light bonfires and one of them acts as the mayor who orders townspeople to perform civic chores such as sweeping the streets. Refusal to comply results in fines which are used to pay for the celebration.

In another town, it is tradition for the workers from the local toy factory (in fancy dress) to take over the administration of justice in the streets from 9 a.m. to midday on this date. Any 'fines' they collect goes to charities. They have been known to handcuff the bank manager and have removed the wheels from a vehicle. Even the police won't stop them! So beware when traveling with your Mazatlan rental cars!

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