Car Rentals Mexico and the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan


Generations of visitors have enjoyed Mazatlan's hospitality for over 30 years. Nestled between the warm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged jungle terrain of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mazatlan is one of Mexico's largest vacation resort cities, boasting the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach in all of Mexico! Mazatlan is also Mexico's largest Pacific Ocean seaport, attracting commercial fishing and cruise ships from around the world. Mazatlan has more to offer Car Rentals Mexico vacationers than some of the more commercial resorts with its incomparable sport fishing, three jungle like islands, nearby colonial villages, historic sights and natural wonders.

During your AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico vacation in Mazatlan you have the chance to learn about its rich history by visiting theArchaeological Museum of Mazatlan located downtown at Sixto Osuna #76 in the historical center of Mazatlan. Only a block away from the Oceanside boulevard known as Olas Altas, it is a short drive in your AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico rental vehicle.

History of Mazatlan
How much do you know about the history of Mazatlan? AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico travellers will be surprised to learn that Mazatlan was the first city in America to be attacked and bombed by a plane. And did you know that Mazatlan is part of the only state to still play the pre-Hispanic game of Ulama? Mazatlan is a city with stories to tell. Before the Spanish conquered Mexico, the area around Mazatlan was inhabited by indigenous people known as the Totorames. They left behind exquisite polychrome pottery with elaborate red and black designs indicative of a high culture. You can see samples of this pottery on display at Mazatlan's Museo Arqueologico (Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan), which is dedicated to preserving the history of the state of Sinaloa.

The Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan
The Museum's origins can be traced back to the State Government that designated the building as a historical site in the 1800's. It was opened on June 29,1989, with the hopes of spreading the regional and cultural account of the beautiful state of Sinaloa. The Museum was made possible with the help of the Department of Regional Culture and Research of Sinaloa. This is the sixth museum in the state of Sinaloa and is the ideal place to find archaeological artifacts specifically from Mazatlan.

The museum is small, consisting of only five rooms, but the treasures you will discover inside are anything but small. You will find an assortment of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and archaeological pieces. There are even some clay figures dating from before the arrival of the Spaniards.

AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico travellers can visit theArchaeological Museum of Mazatlan during its regular hours that are on Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am till 1pm and 4pm to 7pm. The cost is around 10 pesos, and guided tours are available. The Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan is the perfect place for children and adults and regularly holds recreational and cultural activities for the areas primary, junior and secondary schools as well as the colleges in an attempt to enrich and teach the youth about the importance of their race and cultural originals.

Be sure to take an afternoon and bring your vehicle rental from AGA Rent-A-Car Car Rentals Mexico to the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlan to learn about the origins of this historically rich city. You will be amazed by the beautiful pieces of history that take you back in time and you will leave with a true appreciation of the city and its people after visiting the Museum that will leave a lasting impression.

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