Art Museums of Sinaloa

Sinaloa is not just a place for you to relax on the beach. There are many other activities you will want to experience before leaving. A great way to learn about Mexico's culture and heritage with your car rental in Mexico is to visit the art museums in Sinaloa.

Starting Out - Local Art Comes Alive
The best place to start with your car rental in Mexico is at the Museum of Art of Sinaloa. This is a public museum with many exhibitions from local artists and it is one of the most important art collections in the region. You can see works from artists such as Juan Cordero, Francisco Goitia, Roberto Montenegro, Dr. Atl, José Luis Cuevas, Lilia Carrillo, Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tamayo, Pedro Coronel, and many more.
Created in 1989 by the City Council of Culiacán, this museum offers the area a public place for exhibitions. It is known in the region by the acronym of its name in Spanish: MASIN. The building where the museum is housed is an important historic building in the city, once the house of the bishop and clergymen. It later became the Official Residence and Palace of the Powers of the State where the referendum on the constitution was signed in 1857.
Inside the museum there are eight rooms for exhibitions to be held. One of the most interesting rooms to see is the "Sala de Joyas", or Room of Jewels. This is a permanent collection in the museum with works by well-known Mexican painters such as Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Gerald Murillo, and more. There is another collection with Sinaloenses artists, with an emphasis on the works of Antonio Lopez Sáenz and Edgardo Coghlan. With your car rental in Mexico, this art museum is a great place to feel like part of the region.
Even if you have visited the Museum of Art of Sinaloa, you can still come back with your car rental in Mexico. Every month there are new works brought in through the "Pieza del Mes" program. A collection is chosen every month for a new exhibit. There is also an exhibition that arrives every month from regional, national, or international museums.

Step Back to Glimpse Mazatlán's Culture
A little further south, the Archaeological Museum of Mazatlán offers visitors a piece of history and ancient culture of the area. While the focus is on the regional area, the whole country is represented here with displays of ancient works of art and much more. With your car rental in Mexico, you can also catch exhibits of contemporary artists or pre-Hispanic works. The museum is small, with only five rooms dedicated to sculptures, paintings, photographs, and archaeological artifacts. The treasures you will find here once you leave your car rental in Mexico and step back into the past are huge.
Found in the historical center of the city, the museum is only a block away from the ocean. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 in the morning until 7 in the evening. The cost is reasonable at 10 pesos, and guided tours are available. Children and adults alike will feel the magical pull of the past as you explore these great works of art and accidental remnants of the past.

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