Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals and the Autonomous University Centennial Building

An Overview on the Autonomous University Centennial Building
For a little academia when visiting with Culiacan Mexico car rentals, drop by the Autonomous University Centennial Building for a visit. With the slogan "With vision of future and social commitment", the Autonomous University's values and traditions involves, social commitment, tolerance, democracy, justice, and respect. The Autonomous University boasts a culturally diverse student body which amounts to a well rounded university that excels academically, with the universities specialties in the sciences, technology, and the humanities. Popular programs include:

• Farming Sciences
• Natural and Exact Sciences
• Sciences of the Health
• Social and Administrative Sciences
• Education and Humanities
• Engineering and Technology

Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals and a Little History
The Autonomous University actually began as a small and modest school. Originally called the Grammar School Rosales, it was opened on May 5, 1872. The school's name was in honor of General Antonio Rosales and his triumph in the historical event against the French in Bastalla of San Pedro. The government had hoped that in giving the citizens an educational institution and the patriotic origin of the school's name, that it would boost patriotism and moral of the citizens while giving them an education at the same time. Soon however, that modest school's level of education soon began to exceed its name. The school was giving out degrees such as law, engineering and chemistry amongst other subjects. At the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1918 it was renamed and it became the first "University of the West". The University of the West was recognized as an educational institution for all academic levels including but not limited to, secondary, baccalaureates, education for adults and continuing education. In 1922, the university's name was changed once again to the Civil School Rosales and then again in 1937 to the Socialist University of the Northwest to reflect the changing times of Mexico. Finally, the present day Autonomous University was officially opened in 1965. Throughout the university's long history and changing of names it has always maintained a renowned academic standard. From the beginning of the university's first days it has since produced and attracted several reputable people. The university's past students and professors include Eustaquio Buelna, Rafael Buelna Tenorio, Ruperto L. Beating, Epitacio Osuna, Ramon Ponce of Leon, Bernardine J. Gastélum, Genaro Estrada, Solón Zabre Morell, Enrique Felix Castro, Jose Luis Ceceña Cervantes to just name a few

The Autonomous University Centennial Building and the Present Day
The Autonomous University of Culiacan, Sinaloa has since expanded with a campus in one of the popular tourist areas, Mazatlan. If you do choose to visit the Autonomous University when with Culiacan Mexico car rentals, make sure to take the luxury in just taking a stroll around the campus grounds to just view the sights and sounds of this academic institution. Each building has its own unique history.

For more information on the Autonomous University Centennial Building when with Culiacan Mexico car rentals you can go to this website Make sure to look at the calendar of campus events. There are always some sort of exciting event being held on campus, so pick your event and come at that time. You can also call ahead of time or look at the schedule of campus tours to have a tour guide (usually a student) to lead you through the campus. Not only is it free, this tour is a great way to see the lesser known side of Culiacan with an experienced tour guide. You don't want to miss out on visiting this amazing university when in Culiacan, Mexico!

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