Mexico City car rental and Baja California

Are looking to embark on an amazing adventure during your upcoming Mexico City car rental vacation? You've already reserved an amazing vehicle from AGA, why not put it to work and hit the road for fun and adventure! Why not take a road trip to the Baja California. The Baja California is both the northernmost and westernmost state in Mexico. It is comprised of the north half of the Baja California Peninsula and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. birder and the Sea of Cortez. The Baja is a beautiful place to visit, and definitely worth the drive.

Make your way to paradise
Mexico City car rental travelers are drawn to the Baja California for a number of reasons, including the area's dramatic seascapes and landscapes. Mexico City car rental travelers will find everything from vast and remote deserts to dormant volcanoes and classic mission towns. A fantastic vacation destination for athletic travelers, the Baja is famous for its hiking and camping opportunities, as well as surfing, sailing and deep sea fishing. The Baja is about as close as you can get to the perfect vacation destination, so why not check it out during your upcoming Mexico City car rental vacation? You won't be disappointed!

Take a tour of the Baja in your Mexico City car rental
There are plenty of amazing places to visit in the Baja, including some of Mexico's most popular resort towns. Tijuana is the largest city in the Baja, and thus one of the most popular tourist attractions. Cabo San Lucas is another luxurious resort town known for its lavish hotels and crystal clear beaches. Other smaller towns include Loreto, Santa Rosalia, San Quintin and Puerto Nuevo. Wine lovers will want to the make a special trip down Mex-3 (one of the Baja's major highways) to Ensenada. Mexico City car rental travelers will find at least 10 wineries along the route, some with tours and tasting rooms.

Travel tips for Baja bound travelers
There are a few things to remember when traveling to the Baja in your Mexico City car rental. Here are a few important things:

• The national currency of Mexico is the peso. Mexico City car rental travelers may exchange money at any bank or any money exchange parlor. The US dollar is also accepted in most places.
• Speed limits are in kilometres (1 mile = 1.6 kilometres).
• If you have any sort of car trouble during your stay in the Baja, simply call on an angel – a Green Angel that is. This group provides free road assistance in case of vehicle malfunction on Mexican highways. Look for the green pick-up trucks; they are constantly patrolling the roads.
• The legal drinking age in Mexico and the Baja is 18.
• Mexico is traditionally a Catholic country, and thus has very strict rules when it comes to nudity. Topless sunbathing is not permitted on public beaches, although you can probably get away with it in more remote areas.
• The seasons are clearly defined in the Baja, and similar to the US. In the winter, the weather is cold; spring and summer and hot and sunny. It is wise to pack a light jacket in your Mexico City car rental vehicle during the summer months and something substantial warmer for the winter.
• Always keep a valid piece of ID on you. It isn't uncommon for military checkpoints to be located along major Baja roads. These are put in place to help combat the local drug trade. If you are ever stop by the local authorities simply do as they ask and supply a piece of valid ID. Tourists are rarely hassled without due cause

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