Baja Ferries and Mexico Car Rental

Travel the seas with your Mexico car rental! For a great way to travel to the mainland and back Baja Ferries is the company to choose. All the Baja Ferries have all the amenities and more to make your trip a comfortable one. Baja Ferries also offers cargo shipping with on time delivery and excellent customer services.

A little history
Baja Ferries was established in 1999, it was used to connect Baja California to Mainland Mexico. Baja ferries was originally owned by Grupo Sematur who operated a small ferry service between Santa Rosalia and Guaymas. In 1989 Sematur was privatized and several years of declining profits followed. Sematur went bankrupt and the ferry routes ceased. In 1999, increased demands from major corporate companies such as Walmart and Costco for a modern shipping route between mainland Mexico and Baja Sematur had Baja Ferries take over the Santa Rosalia Guamas route in Mexico from Sematur.

Going bigger and better
With its business growing, Baja Ferries purchased a vessel from Italy and named it the Chihuahua Star. Originally built in Japan in 1989, it was modernized in 2001. They obtained another vessel in 2003 and named it California Sate. The ship had the capacity to carry 900 passengers and 300 vehicles. Although the Guaymas to Santa Rosalia route still exists, the small boat is not as reliable as the newer vessels. Vessels connect La Paz (Pichilingue), in Baja Sur, and Mazatlán in mainland Mexico every day except Sunday. Ferries also head from La Paz (Pichilingue) to the port at Los Mochis (Topolobampo). The ferries travel at 22 to 23 knots which has reduced the travel times between the cities.

Updating the old
Since June 2008, Baja Ferries have been upgrading their ferries to accommodate more people and to offer more amenities. The Chihuahua Star, a specialized ship more similar to a cruise liner contains 130 cabins, 2 restaurants, a night club, 2 bars, a small swimming pool and the capacity to hold up to 1, 200 passengers. The cargo space of the ship was also increased by 400%. With their current fleet Baja Ferries meet 85% of the cargo demands which travels from the mainland and back.

All aboard
When you travel with your Mexico car rental you will be travelling in comfort. Baja Ferries has several services including a restaurant, bar, and snug cabins with a bathroom and space for 2 to 4 passenger to sleep in. If you are wishing to take your Mexico car rental to the mainland you need to obtain a vehicle permit prior to boarding as well as having valid Mexican Auto Insurance papers and a tourist card. Tourism officials in La Paz recommend that you obtain the insurance, permit and card when crossing the U.S. border into Baja, where offices are better equipped to handle the paperwork than those in La Paz.

Main headquarters
In order to work more efficiently, Baja Ferries invested 20 million pesos in 2006 to construct a corporate building. This building houses 330 employees who have for the past 5 years been working to serve the users of their transportation systems better.

Before you go
Tickets can be purchased at any of the ferry terminals or a Mexican travel agent. Prices start at $375 for children and $750 for adult's one way trip. Make sure to check out their website for online specials that Baja Ferries occasionally offers before you head out with your Mexico car rental.

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