Mexico City car hire and Baja Fishing

The waters off of the Baja Peninsula are becoming increasingly accessible to Mexico City car hire travelers. This is because the area is located along the 1,070-mile Transpeninsular Highway (Mex 1) and within minutes of the La Paz, Los Cabos and Loreto airports. If you're interested in fishing, there's no better place to be than the Baja, but there's no reason to take our word for it. Hop in your AGA Mexico City car hire vehicle and explore the coast yourself.

A roadmap to the Baja's best fishing spots
Mexico City car hire travelers can find plenty of fantastic fishing locations along the Baja, but only if they know where to look. Here are just a few of AGA's favorites:

• At the extreme tip of Mex 1, there's a tiny beach that's about 20 yards wide. It faces an old tuna cannery pier and is just a short ways from the harbor entrance. Almost no one goes here in their Mexico City car hire, so expect to spend plenty of peaceful hours casting your rod.
• Want to avoid the crush of Los Cabos on your upcoming Mexico City car hire fishing vacation? Then head east towards the twin sport fishing villages of Los Barriles-Buena Vista. Located in the heart of the East Cape area, these two towns are popular with old timers, so expect to hear plenty of great stories during your visit.
• If you're looking for someplace a little more modern to fish during your upcoming Mexico City car hire vacation, look no further than La Paz and its brimming markets. Only a small fraction of the population is fishermen here, however, there are plenty of pangas available along the shore.
• About 15 miles south of Santo Tomas on Mex 1 is the old Baja fishing operation, Castor's Camp. Located in Erendira, this quaint camp has been around since Cortez landed, offering quality bottom fishing and summer surface action. Reservations are recommended for weekends, as there are only eight cabins available.
• Offshore fishing has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity in this area of the Baja, thanks to fertile waters and reliable runs. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of effort to get the Bay, which is a long drive from the Baja's more populated areas. Top fishing season occur between October and December during the Thetis Bank fish pile-up.
• The town of San Felipe is one of the newest towns in Mexico to offer a vibrant fishing atmosphere. Here, Mexico City car hire travelers can catch a ride on one of four gigantic panga motherships. These expansive boats houses six to nine pangas on deck, offloading the fishing boats a few hundred miles south around the Midriff Islands. These fishing trips take place between April and October and will sometimes travel as far south as La Paz and around the tip of the Baja to Magdalena Bay.

Get adventurous – head to the Baja's remote fishing locations
The fishing spots covered in the above section are primarily those that can be reached by paved road in your Mexico City car hire. Dozens of even more spectacular locations are waiting for adventurous travelers in the remote corners of the Baja. Starter locations include the remote loop just south of San Felipe to Laguna Chapala on Mex 1. A huge loop is also located from Turtle Bay, south through Abreojos, as well as from San Ignacio back to Mex 1 at Ciudad Insurgentes. A small sense of adventure is all you need to discover some of the Baja's best fishing destinations. Well, that and a full tank of gas in your Mexico City car hire!

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