Best Western Hotel Del Rio, Navojoa

The Best Western Hotel Del Rio in Navojoa is a place you can stay with your Los Mochis car rental to feel like you are at home in Mexico. They have a number of amenities in the room to make you feel comfortable. At the same time, you are close to a number of local attractions.

See yourself there
The Best Western Hotel Del Rio has a pool that offers year-round swimming while you are at the hotel with your Los Mochis car rental. There is also a lot of ground for you to explore. You will often see exotic birds in the large trees on the property. There is pool-side dining as well as a restaurant, Los Arcos. They feature regional specialties as well as international cuisine. To get out and about, the hotel offers guided tours of the nearby beaches and boating tours. They also have tours of the nearby Alamos in the Sierra Madre.

What to see in the area
Under 10 kilometers with your Los Mochis car rental: there is a horse track, shopping, parks, and beaches. Some trips that may take a few hours or a day include Rancho 3 Marias (30 kilometers), Huatabampito beach (45 kilometers), Costumbrista museum (50 kilometers), the National Wildlife Refuge (50 kilometers), Alamos (45 kilometers), and much more.

Get to know Navojoa
When you are here with your Los Mochis car rental , you will find yourself in the fourth-largest city in the state of Sonora. The area has been continuously inhabited since the Mayo people since pre-Hispanic times. The city was largely independent from the chaos of Mexican independence, but gained importance after the Mexican Revolution of 1910. As part of the Mayo Valley, it is part of one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country. It is also a tourist area, with a number of hotels within a one-kilometer area. The city is also near the Gulf of California, with a number of beaches for you to enjoy with your Los Mochis car rental. The country-side is also popular for hunting ducks, deer, and doves. The Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Dam is a popular area for fishing on the Mayo River, as well as for leisure activities such as kayaking.

Tearing up the terrain
The state of Sonora is bordered by the Sea of Cortez (or the Gulf of California), which is connected to the Pacific Ocean further south. The coastline for the state is 1208 kilometers long. It is bordered by the states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and Baja California, which you can explore with your Los Mochis car rental. Also in the area is the Sonoran Desert and the Sierra Madre Occidental. There are many opportunities for you to get outside here and do something different from the regular beach vacation. It is interesting to note that the state is located at the same latitude as the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Temperatures here can be very high, and the winter is short. There are a number of roads in the state, as well as a highway that connects the state from north to south, and to the United States.

When you visit Navojoa with your Los Mochis car rental, you will find that the Bets Western Hotel Del Rio will offer you good value for your money and provide the amenities that you will need during your stay here. Located near the heart of the city, you are close to al of the attractions and beaches in the area, as well as connected to the road network to explore the rest of the state.

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