Car Hire Culiacan and Bullfighting in Mexico

Hear the thundering hooves. Watch the brave matador skilfully dodge razor sharp horns and 1000 pounds of charging muscle. The sport of bullfighting originated in Spain during the early 1700's. Since then, this spectacle sport has grown throughout the world and amazes fans in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, and Mexico. The next time you travel with car rental Culiacan in Mexico, enjoy one of the country's traditional bullfights. Also known as fiesta brava, Bullfighting in Mexicois an artistic, skilful, and often terrifying sport. Crowds of up to 40,000 people pack stadiums each year to watch this interesting sport. For a true Mexican cultural experience, visit a bullfight on your next car rental Culiacan excursion.

Each fight will have you seeing red
Each time the matador swings his red cloth, the charging bull races onward. Bullfighting in Mexico attracts large crowds that cheer on the matador until the final swing of the sword. Traditional Mexican bullfighting begins with the Matador performing specific and graceful manoeuvres around the bull. At the end of this show, the matador kills the bull with his sword. Along with the actual bullfight, these events have grown to include a number of other festivities. Fill your car rental Culiacan excursion with a day full of dancing, music, food, pig chases, rodeos, and of course, the main bullfight. On your next car rental Culiacan excursion, discover one of Mexico's oldest and most beloved traditions, bullfighting. Bullrings can be found in many cities across the country.

Tis the season for thrills
It's too exciting to look away. Every charge, every skilled move, and every thrill the sport of bullfighting has to offer will send chills through your body. Make your car rental Culiacan excursion unique and exciting with a spectacular afternoon of bullfighting. As the bull and matador circle each other, you'll feel like you're watching a dance between man and one of the world's most savage beasts. If you're planning your car rental Culiacan vacation around the bullfighting season, reserve your vehicle during Mexico's dry season. The dry season in Mexico runs from November until March. For most events, tickets can be purchased directly at the stadium or bullring. Tickets to a bullfight event range from roughly $5 for local events, to over $60 for larger events.

Why kill the bull?
That's a very good question. In fact, many animal rights agencies are battling for bullfighting to be banned across the globe. Upon its conception in Spain and Rome, bullfighting was rooted in the sacrifice of the bull. Bulls are thought of in many cultures to be a sacred beast and the slaying of the bull became the ultimate sacrifice. More than 400 years ago, and even today, bullfighting is still thought of as a noble and almost religious experience for many. Bullfights are common at many religious festivities and weddings. On your next car rental Culiacan vacation, see today's version of this classic cultural experience.

Wave your red flag
Started by Spaniard Francisco Romero, the waving of a red cape during the bullfight is now a proud tradition in Mexico. It was Juan Belmonte, however, who developed the modern bullfight and is widely considered the greatest matador to ever live. Today, bullfighters across the world and in Mexico are still battling in the ring, and outside of the ring to keep their sport alive. Although this controversial sport has a strong opposition, the faithful fans in Mexico continue to advocate for this thrilling sport.

The next time you visit Mexico with AGA car rental Culiacan, locate the nearest bullring and get into the action. Attending a bullfight is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike. If you are making the trip to Mexico City in your car rental Culiacan vehicle, be sure to stop at the world famous Plaza Mexico. This outstanding bullring features a special bullfight known as Corrida de Aniversario every February.

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