Renta Coches en Mazatlan and Casa de Leyendas

Imagine that it is the middle of winter and you are stuck inside your house in the freezing cold weather. You are certainly not one of those people who loves the snow and always goes outdoors to do the winter activities like snowboarding and ice fishing. You are upset because you just want it to get warmer and you just want to see the sun for once. You look outside and all you see is white snow covering the ground and frost covering up the rooftops and the exterior of cars on the streets. You would give anything to be able to lie in the sun on the beach somewhere at this very moment. Just outside of the Casa de Leyendas you can do just that. On your upcoming renta coches en mazatlan vacation you can stay in a wonderful bed and breakfast establishment and step out your door to the warmth of the sun on your body. What could be better than that?

Behold a beautiful sight
If you are planning on heading to Mexico any time soon, why not stay at a cozy bed and breakfast like the Casa de Leyendas? Every morning you wake up, you will receive a fresh and delicious breakfast to start your day off right, renta coches en mazatlan customers. You can enjoy fresh fruits, breads, coffee and tea and you can have the food delivered directly to your room, or you can eat in the dining room. The beds are very comfortable so you can be refreshed for the day ahead of you and there is free laundry service available. You can also enjoy maid service, free internet usage, a swimming pool in the courtyard or, even better, the ocean just steps away from your door.

No need to travel alone, bring your dog!
If you have a list of events or activities to attend to while you are on your renta coches en mazatlan vacation, the staff at Casa de Leyendas will organize your whole schedule for you. They will arrange things like sailing, boat trips, day spas, surfing, shopping, city tours and more. You won't have to have a care in the world when you come here to stay. If you have a "small" dog that you would like to bring along with you, Casa de Leyendas does permit them. However, cats, birds and other animals are prohibited.

There's always some kind of activity to engage in
There are so many things to do when you come to stay in Mexico, you won't be out of ideas. You can take a relaxing trip to the luxury spa or go fishing for Marlin, Swordfish or Tuna. Perhaps you would like to take a city tour and marvel at the beach or a historic site. You could also take a cruise on a sail boat, spend the day shopping, go golfing horseback riding or do yoga. The possibilities are endless renta coches en mazatlan vacationers.

A pretty penny
If you are wondering how much it will cost to stay at this humble abode, wonder no longer. The prices are for a 2 night stay at the Casa de Leyendas and you can pay with cash, Visa or Mastercard. For a King size bed or 2 Queens that connect to another room, it is $89. For a King size bed with a courtyard view it is $99 and with an ocean view it will be about $115. If you are just looking for a Queen size bed overlooking the courtyard, it will only cost you about $79 for the 2 nights. Make sure to stay at this lovely bed and breakfast on your next renta coches en mazatlan trip.

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