Casa Loma Restaurant and Auto Rental Mazatlan

If you are looking for a fine dining experience with your auto rental Mazatlan, then Casa Loma is one of the best places that you can visit in Mazatlan for fine dining, service, and great food. This has been a Mazatlan tradition for almost 30 years.

What to expect when you walk in
When you walk into Casa Loma, the "House on the Hill", after parking your auto rental Mazatlan, you will find that it is decorated in dark wood and red velvet upholstery. It is a relaxed atmosphere with a European feel to the dining experience. Outside, you will find a Spanish-style patio, which is a little more relaxed than inside.

What you can order
Casa Loma has an excellent menu which is often discussed around town for its uniqueness. Some of the appetizers include avocado stuffed with tuna salad, sardines, or shrimp, hearts of artichoke, hearts of palm, and shrimp cocktail. There is always sea food chowder, French onion soup, and tortilla soup, as well as a soup of the day, if you can stand the heat when you visit with your auto rental Mazatlan. There are also a number of salad selections, some big enough for two people. Pasta selections include Fettuccini Casa Loma, which is made with cream, ham, and fresh parmesan cheese. There are also choices with alfredo, marinera, bolognaise sauces. There is also the Spaghetti Michael Angelo, which is prepared with white wine, garlic, butter, olive oil, and parmesan. There are a number of chicken dishes, roast duckling, and beef dishes. Of course, fish also makes up a large portion of the menu, being so close to the ocean.

Traditional Mexican fare
There is a Mexican combination plate, which features beef, chile relleno, enchilada, and guacamole. There is also a traditional fish, Veracruz style. This tradition dish is prepared with tomatoes, onions, and olives. Enchiladas, fajitas, and much more are also on the menu.

Don't desert the table
Before heading out in your auto rental Mazatlan, make sure that you also check out the dessert menu. There are a number of dishes here for one and two people. Banana flambé, peaches a la mode, crepes, Amaretto parfait, banana split, fresh fruit, ice cream, flan Mexican custard, and much more is on the menu for you to choose from. Get one for your self or share with someone else, it's up to you!

What you can do after dinner
After a day in the sun and a great dinner, you may want to continue your day. When you visit with your auto rental Mazatlan, you will find that Mazatlan has a reputation for its nightlife. There is dancing, live music, and festivities going on every night of the week. Piano bars, mariachi groups, and tambora bands can be found across the city. Why not experience a little Mexican music while you are here as well? Most of the clubs are found in the Zona Dorada, but you can also ask your concierge where the most current hot spots are. Feel like doing your own performance? There are also some Karaoke bars in the area, such as Canta Bar.

When you visit with your auto rental Mazatlan, you can start your night right with a great meal. Casa Loma has a great menu selection and is known in the area for its food and atmosphere. Inside you will find a bit more of a formal setting, while the patio is a little more casual and relaxed. From here, you can go on to enjoy your night out on the town.

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