Car Rental in Mexico and Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec Hill and the park that surrounds it in Mexico City has been a special place throughout Mexican history. It has long played a key role since the Aztecs in the city and is available for you to explore when you visit with your car rental in Mexico. The park consists of a hill and 1600 acres, including Chapultepec Castle, which is currently the home of the National History Museum.

Go waaaayyyy back
There have been ritual and domestic objects in the Teotihuacan style dating back to the 4th century discovered here. The last emperor of the Toltecs, Huemac, was said to have spent his last days in a cave here after the fall of Tula. In the 13th century, the area was settled by the Mexica until a Tepanec alliance drove them out. When Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztecs, the city was linked to Chapultepec by a causeway. The hill and the surrounding forest were made into a royal retreat. A palace was built here in the 1400s, along with an aqueduct to carry spring water. A sculpture of Moctezuma I can still be seen here when you visit with your car rental in Mexico, but it is damaged. It is not far from Huemac's cave.

Fast forward to the conquest
When the Spanish colonized the area in the 1500s, the king declared the area a nature reserve and built a palace on top of Chapultepec. The pre-Columbian structures were destroyed in this process. When Mexico won its independence in the 1800s, the castle became a military academy. Today you can see evidence of this with your car rental in Mexico when you visit the Ninoes Heroes marble monument at the entrance.

What to see on your visit
Today when you visit with your car rental in Mexico you can see evidence of the importance of this area, but it also a popular place to relax for both locals and tourists. It can be found at the end of Paseo de la Reforma with your car rental in Mexico. The land includes old forest, several small lakes, and landscaped areas. The Chapultepec Zoo can be found here as well as an amusement park, La Feria Chapultepec Magico. It also has the official residence of the president, Los Pinos.

Climb to the top
Chapultepec Castle is on the top of the hill with your car rental in Mexico. This is where you can find the National Museum of History. This is a great place to visit to learn about the history of Mexico. Also in the park is the National Auditorium, the Modern Art Museum, the Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum, the Papalote Children's Museum, and the National Museum of Anthropology and History. This museum has one of the best collections of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican art and artifacts.

When you visit Chapultepec Park with your car rental in Mexico you can relax and learn a lot about Mexican history.

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