Chevrolet Express

Are you planning a group vacation to the coast of Mexico? Than you need to check out the ultra-roomy Chevrolet Express van rental available today at selected AGA Rent-A-Car locations! This extended van rental is the perfect party-mobile thanks to loads of passenger seating, removable seats and easy loading doors! Whether you're looking for a killer beach bus or an awesome club hopping cruiser, the Chevrolet Express van rental from AGA is the perfect car rental in Mexico for you! Loaded with lots of cool features, the Chevrolet Express Van is big without being awkward, thanks to aerodynamically sound engineering and sturdy craftsmanship. The Chevrolet Express van is bound to make your upcoming Mexico trip a huge success, so don't delay and reserve yours today!

About the Chevrolet Express Rental
If you're in the market for a serious people-moving car rental in Mexico, look no further than the Chevrolet Express Van! These full size vans are equipped to carry upwards of 15 people (depending on the model) so go ahead and grab some friends! Loading your Express Van car rental in Mexico is super easy too, thanks to available swing-out doors on the driver side, and the only vehicle in its class with an available sliding passenger side door. Talk about convenience! The Chevrolet Express van is also one of the safest car rentals in Mexico thanks to an American government five-star safety crash rating on both the driver and front passenger side. Designed to keep you safe and comfy, the Chevrolet Express van is a great investment for any Mexico vacation, so remember to book yours today.

A Van for any Occasion
The Chevrolet Express Van is the perfect vehicle for anyone planning a group trip to Mexico as it provides passengers with a smooth and satisfy ride, along with plenty of space and unmatched versatility. Designed with galvanized steel body panels and a detailed chrome grille, the Chevy Express van is both stylish and practical. Whether you're planning an extended family vacation, or in need of the perfect Spring Break-mobile, an extended Express van from AGA Rent-A-Car is sure to be the hit of your nest get together.

Things to Do in your Upcoming Express Van Rental
If your planning on reserving the Chevrolet Express Van rental as your upcoming vehicle rental, AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to check out the following destinations:

1. Take a road trip to Stone Island! Stone Island is a great place to hang out, especially in the comfort of you're upcoming Express Van rental! Located along the Mazatlan peninsula, Stone Island is the place to be for an afternoon of fun in the sun! Bring the whole gang or make some new friends with this car rental in Mexico! With loads of space and available storage room, the Chevrolet Express Van is ready and waiting to go where ever you want to go!
2. Go searching for gators in Los Mochis! The city of Los Mochis is overflowing with exciting scenery and wildlife, so be sure to embark on an adventure in your upcoming Express rental! Whether you're looking for reptiles or searching for birds, your Chevy Express van rental is capable of climbing even the toughest of terrain!
3. Bike the trails of Culiacan! IF you're looking to get physical during you're upcoming trip to Mexico be sure to pack some bikes in the back of your Express Van rental and head to Culiacan! The capital city of the Sinaloa state, Culiacan boasts some of the best trails in all of Mexico so be sure to check them out!

If the Chevrolet Express Van from AGA Rent-A-Car is too large for you and you travel mates, don't worry! There are plenty more car rentals in Mexico, available right here from AGA Rent-A-Car!

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