Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad

The Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad connects northern Mexican states; it is also known as the Chepe. This railroad connects the Sinaloan Coast with the Sierra Tarahumara. Leaving behind your car rental Mazatlan Mexico to get on the train will give you great perspective of the region from an angle you may not be familiar with. Sometimes call the "Train Ride in the Sky" because of all of the bridges that you will cross in the Sierra Mountains of northwestern Mexico (not to mention the 87 tunnels).

A small idea...
The idea for a rail here started in 1880 when the president of Mexico granted a rail concession to a man who was starting a Utopian socialist community. The cost of building a railroad through the canyons was much more costly than expected, and the project was not completed until much later: in 1961. Today, there are two trains daily to take you away from your car rental Mazatlan Mexico.

What is offered
The railroad crosses 400 miles, even going across the Copper Canyon, a beautiful series of canyons that make some people call this the most scenic railroad trip on the continent. When you leave your car rental Mazatlan Mexico you will get on board to cross 37 bridges and go through 86 tunnels. This rail link is important for both tourists and locals alike.
The trains run twice daily for you to leave behind your car rental Mazatlan Mexico. One is a longer, less expensive train that makes many stops, while the other is a direct service created mainly for tourists. On the way from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, it runs through El Fuerte, Temoris, Bahuichivo, Posada Barrancas, Davisadero, and Creel among other stops.

The world's most beautiful train ride
One thing that you will get to experience on the Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad that you would not otherwise get to see from this perspective with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico is Copper Canyon. The system of canyons here is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon, although the Grand Canyon is larger than individual canyon in this system.
The Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad will bring you high above the plains of Chihuahua, through the continental divide in the Sierra Mountains, and through the canyons on this beautiful piece of track from Chihuahua to Los Mochis. The breathtaking views can not be experience from your car rental Mazatlan Mexico, but only through a trip on this train. This is one of the most extraordinary railroads in the western Hemisphere; it truly is an engineering feat.
Visiting Los Mochis cannot be done in a better way than on this railroad.

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