Car Rentals Mexico and Cliff Diving

When you were a child did you ever dream of diving off the high board at your local swimming pool? Did the thought of rushing air and cool water take hold every time you say by the pool? Reliving that first leap of faith is easy in Mazatlan, thanks to the cliff divers of Olas Atlas! These fearless athletes make a living defying death daily along the rocky outcroppings between Olas Atlas and Playa Norte creating a unique tourist experience. Car hire in Mexico clients are invited to bite their nails as divers drop to their destiny from high atop the coastal mountains. Timing is everything in this profession; one false jump and these daredevil divers could come face to face with the sheer rock outcropping of the ocean floor! It's hard to believe that someone would dive into just six feet of water, but these gutsy performs live for the feel of cool water and impossible odds. Watching these energetic athletes as they plunge towards the waters edge is more than enough to make you break a sweat, so why not enjoy an adrenaline rush of your own during your upcoming AGA Rent-A-Car vacation! Plan to watch the cliff divers of Olas Atlas perform during your upcoming car hire in Mexico vacation!

An Unconventional Thrill
The cliff divers of Olas Atlas are some of Mexico's most highly skilled performs. Twice a day the divers will line up and take their turn swan-diving into the rocky pools located far below. Some tourists call them crazy, while others simply think they're lucky. Either way, these courageous individuals appear to cheat death regularly, missing a handful of horrifying rocks by mere inches! If you're skeptically simply ask one of the performers to show you a scar or two from a previous dive gone wrong. These scars are solid proof that cliff diving is no joke! Audience members are left to watch in awe as these fearless entertainers chance the ultimate sacrifice for 3 seconds of sheer exhilaration. There's nothing else quite like the cliff diving shows of Olas Atlas anywhere else in Mexico – not even the divers from Acapulco can rival their poise and skill!

The Ultimate Leap of Faith
Watching a cliff diver at work is practically a spiritual experience. Each diver has his or her own signature dive preparation. Whether it is crossing oneself, saying a prayer or kissing the rock platform, each diver takes his or her performance very, very seriously. Complete quiet is required before each and every jump, time a dive between the surging waves of the channel below is very difficult. Audience members hold their breath as the diver waits… and waits… and waits until the precise moment when he or she knows that the cost his clear. Don't be surprised if you and other car hire in Mexico clients rush to the platforms edge in order to clarify that the diver has survived his leap of faith.

The Price of Heart-Pounding Drama
If you're interested in watching a cliff diving performance during your upcoming trip to Olas Atlas, AGA Rent-A-Car recommends dropping by the platform midmorning. The platform is located just minutes from the El Mirador Mountain – any local should be able to direct you to it without a problem. A second show normally takes place during the afternoon. Shows will only be held if a sufficient amount of people are in the audience. Car hire in Mexico clients are required to make a small donation to the divers before they will perform. Diving is a job to these performers so please remember to make a generous donation. The rush that you get from watching these performers plummet nearly 40 feet is well worth the asking price – believe me! Private shows are also common, provided you're willing to pay a higher price of course. Cliff divers won't perform on unusually windy days, nor will they jump when it is rainy. Weather plays a huge factor in cliff diving so be sure to check the local forecast before stopping by El Mirador in your AGA car hire in Mexico rent-a-car.

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