AGA Carros Mazatlan and Costa Bonita

Make Mazatlan a permanent part of your life by purchasing a charming new condominium from the Costa Bonita Mazatlan family of luxury resorts. There's never been a better time to invest in beachfront property, so why wait? Start living the southern lifestyle today - contact the Costa Bonita Resort family to learn more about condominium living.

About Costa Bonita
If you're like many of AGA Carros Mazatlan customers, chances are you've thought about purchasing property in the area. The Mazatlan real estate marketing is booming these days, providing travelers with amazing property opportunities. Costa Bonita can help you take advantage of these opportunities, providing you with exclusive access to a handful of Mazatlan's finest establishments. From the Paraiso Costa Bonita Resort in Mazatlan, to the Marina Costa Bonita Villa Resorts, there's bound to be a place that's right for you in Mazatlan.

An overview of the resort communities
Customers of AGA Carros Mazatlan will be interested to learn that Costa Bonita currently owns five sensational condominium resorts in the city. Conveniently located near the heart of it all, these establishments provide travelers with topnotch amenities and unbelievable views. Keep reading to learn a little more about each location.

Costa Bonita
The original Costa Bonita Condominium & Beach Resort is located along 3.5 miles of golden beach in Mazatlan. Surrounded by coconut groves and a neighbouring lake, the Costa Bonita provides customers of AGA Carros Mazatlan with plenty of R&R. Amenities at the Costa Bonita Condominium include a gazebo with floating terrace, tropical gardens, a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi and onsite spa. There are also three eateries onsite, along with a deli shop and business center.

Quintas Del Mar
The Quintas Del Mar property is located along 2.5 miles of beach and features two or three bedroom suites. Features of the residence include ocean views or front view terraces, tile floor, marble bathrooms and a walk-in master closet. Customers of AGA Carros Mazatlan will also find a swimming pool onsite along with tropical gardens and tennis courts.

Paraiso Costa Bonita and Paraiso Costa Bonita II
These two buildings are a beautiful addition to the Mazatlan area, providing travelers with prime investment opportunities. Located on a private beach, these two luxury resorts provide residents with the very finest luxury amenities available. From the infinity pool and massage room to the computer center and state-of-the-art gym, the Paraiso Costa Bonita complex has everything you could ever need.

Marina Costa Bonita
Simply put, Marina Costa Bonita is the best marina community in Mazatlan. How so you ask? Well, not only does the Marina Costa Bonita offer 133 beautiful condominiums suites, but it also boasts an exclusive Private Yacht Club - the Nautica Costa Bonita. Pair these amenities with a beautiful garden landscape, two giant pools and an amazing location, and it's easy to see how Costa Bonita can't be beat.

Reasons to buy with Costa Bonita
Costa Bonita is one the most trusted condominium resort owners in Mazatlan. The only multi-resort development company in Mazatlan, Costa Bonita provides their clients with access to amazing intra-related amenities, including the Sharp Hospital-Mazatlan and the Private Yacht Club. AGA Carros Mazatlan travelers can also take comfort in the over 30 years of experience that Costa Bonita possess and the over 400 satisfied clients currently living in Mazatlan. Make your dream vacation last forever during your upcoming AGA Carros Mazatlan rental period - drop by the Costa Bonita head offices to learn more about their condominium resorts. Customers of AGA Carros Mazatlan can learn more about Costa Bonita by visiting the official website at

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