Mazatlan discount car rental and Cristo de las Noas

If someone were to ask you about the statute of Christ the Redeemer, would you be able to describe it? In all likelihood yes – it's the large Christ statue located in Ro de Janeiro, Brazil. But did you know that this isn't the only monumental statue of Christ in the world? Mexico is home to one as well – Cristo de las Noas. Located in Torreon, Cristo de las Noas is a sculpture by Vladimir Alvarado. It is named for the hill on which it stands, Cerro de las Noas (which in turn is named for the cactus that grow nearby), and is the third largest sculpture of Christ in Latin America. Mazatlan discount car rental travelers can see it from practically every street in Torreon.

Paying tribute to the Son
The Cristo de Las Noas was a project conceived by Jose Rodriguez Tenorio back in 1973. The sculpture, which measures 71.5 feet (21.80 metres), is made of more than 580 tons of reinforced concrete. It is the most significant symbol in Torreon. The Christ statue is a symbol of both the Catholic faith, as well as the iron will of the Torreonenses and the great priest Father Tenorio. Mazatlan discount car rental travelers will find a religious tourist site located at the foot of the statue, which houses many artifacts and exhibits.

A tourist attraction for your soul
Mazatlan discount car rental travelers are encouraged to visit the religious tourist complex located at the base of the Cristo de las Noas statue. The center, which is over 70,000 square metres large, houses some very unique attractions. Mazatlan discount car rental travelers will see several replicas of the Holy Land inside the serene building, as well as exhibits that chronicle the building of the Cristo. Mazatlan discount car rental travelers can also enjoy a delicious meal inside the onsite restaurants. The restaurant features panoramic views of the surrounding Laguna area.

Make a pilgrimage to Torreon
The city of Torreon, Coahuila relies on the Cristo de las Noas to generate funds for the local economy. Thousands of travelers embark on a pilgrimage to the city each year in order to pay their respects to the Catholic symbol. Thousands of non-religious travelers visit the statue each year as well; this is because the statue is located atop a stunning natural rock outcropping. But be forewarned – it's a steep hike to get to the top of the hill. Mazatlan discount car rental travelers can drive to the summit, however the road is not one of the best in the city.

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