Car Rentals Mexico and Culiacan Dining

If you love Mexican food, you're going to love dining in the city of Culiacan! Culiacan is home to some of the country's best Mexican restaurants, providing Mexico car rental travelers with tons of spicy entrees and mouthwatering deserts! And for those of you who don't like the taste of fire – don't worry! Culiacan is also home to an extensive array of international conglomerates and American cuisines. Whether you're looking to savor some soup or tear into a taco, the restaurants of Culiacan are bound to have the perfect dish for both you and your fellow Mexico car rental travelers! Many of the restaurants currently located in Culiacan feature both fresh Mexican produce and tasty American imports, creating an eclectic mix of new age flavors and fun! AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to enjoy the sights sounds, and especially the tastes of Culican during your upcoming Mexican car rental vacation, so go ahead and reserve a seat at any one of the city's countless establishments!

Hot, Hot, Hot!
Nothing heats up a night on the town like a spicy meal, so go ahead and order something uniquely Mexican during your upcoming Mexico car rental vacation! Whether you're tempted to try some chili or craving some delicious re-fried beans, the restaurants of Culiacan have all your favorite Mexican meals – and then some! AGA Rent-A-Car encourages travelers to experiment with meal ideas while traveling in Culiacan, but they also recommend that customers take it slow for the first few meals. It may take your stomach a little while to get used to the new flavors; those who dive right into the fire often experience heart burn and indigestion. The following dishes are commonly found on many of the local restaurant menus so go ahead and try one during your upcoming Mexico car rental Culiacan vacation!

• Enchiladas – this enticing meal includes tortillas coated in tomato sauce and stuffed with your choice of vegetables, pork or chicken. Lightly baked and smothered in sour cream, these tasty rolls are surprisingly mild.
• Huachinango – known in America as Red Snapper. Huachinagno is often featured at many of the coastal resorts in Mazatlan, but it is often featured as a specialty at numerous Culiacan locations.
• Mole Sauce – this rich sauce contains a number of mouthwatering ingredients including the unlikely combination of chocolate and chili peppers! Served over chicken or turkey, Mole Sauce can be either green or red, depending on the recipe.
• Huevos Motuleños – this delectable breakfast dish includes egg stuff tortillas covered in a lush tomato, chili, pea and ham sauce. Often served with a side of refried beans and topped with cheese, Huevos Motuleños is the perfect dish to start any day!

International Cuisine
If you're looking to feast on something a little less spicy during your Mexico car rental trip, look no further than the hotel and resort restaurants of Culiacan. Many of the top accommodations offer first-class internationally themed restaurants, specializing in everything from steak and potatoes to sushi and pasta! Chances of finding something familiar at one of these in-house restaurants is pretty much guarenteed, thanks to an expanding international clientele and ultra talented chefs. The main business and services corridor of Culican also features a variety of Americanized eateries and Mexican-ized fast food joints, so be sure to stop by for a quick bite to eat in your upcoming Mexico car rental.

Desert and Drinks
If you're looking to satisfy a sweets craving during your upcoming Mexico car rental vacation, look no further than the desert menus of various Culiacan establishments! Common menu items include Cajeta (carmel filled crepes), Pastel de Tres Leches, Mango Pudding, Amaretto Peach Royal and Sweet Custard Natillas. Thirsty Mexico car rental travelers will also be excited to learn that Tequilla and Cereza (Mexican beer) are also available at most fine dining establishments.

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