Car Rentals Mexico and Culiacan Events

The city of Culiacan is currently one of the nations leading commercial outlets, providing both local residents and tourists with an endless array of events, services and products. Numerous festivals and events are held annually in honor of the city's rising economical status, along with special yearly celebrations of traditional holidays and happenings. AGA Rent-A-Car strongly encourages Mexico car rental customers to take part in some of the local festivities during you upcoming vacation, especially those travelers interested in learning more about the city's local customs and culture. Whether you're looking to sit in on an educational lecture or celebrate a local sports team victory, Culiacan has an event that's right for you, so don't be afraid to come on out and join the fun!

Annual Events Held in Culiacan
The following events are held annually in and around the Culiacan area, so be sure to watch for them during your upcoming AGA Mexico car rental vacation:

• The Sirutato, Sinola Feria del Durazno (Peach Fair) – This unique festival is held just north of Culiacan along the Humaya River. Truck loads of delicious peaches are made available in abundance at this fair, which features regional dancing competitions and a traditional verbena, or town dance. Located in Badiraguato, which means "the place of rivers among mountains" in cahita-tarascan, the Feria del Duranzo is held annually on a weekend in September.
• The Regional Fruit, Vegetable and Salsa Fair – If you're looking to add a dash of fire to your Mexico car rental vacation you won't want to miss the Regional Fruit, Vegetable and Salsa Fair held every May in neighboring Rosario, Sinaloa. Rosario is known for producing some of Mexico's finest salsa, using only the freshest naturally grown produce. Farmers from throughout the region flock to Rosario during this 10 day festival which features and endless array of super caliente sweet and spicy salsas. Thankfully the beach is just a short 12 mile Mexico car rental trip away, so don't be afraid to take a quick dip before diving into the sizzling festivities!
• The International Culiacan Guitar Festival – This exciting festival, which is currently in its fifth year, is on of the area's most popular events, providing tourists and locals with tons of live concerts, informative conferences and hands-on classes. Numerous celebrities have also appeared at the festival in the past including Manuel Barrueco, Ricardo Cobo, Eduardo Fernandez and Eduardo Isaac.
• The Sinaloa Festival of the Arts – Music, dance, theater and art combine to make this Sinaloa state festival a must-see event, so be sure to pack up the AGA Mexico car rental and check it out. More than 450 performers from as far away as South Africa, Yugoslavia and Spain converge upon the area during this unique celebration, providing an endless array of live performances and unique presentations. This years festival will be held in Mazatlan and will feature some 56 performances, most of which will be held at the Angela Peralta Theater.

Event Venues in the Culiacan Area
If you're interested in taking part in one of the city's many festivities remember to stop by one of the following event venues for more information on upcoming celebrations and programs:

• The Academic Tower of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa
• The DIF Auditorium
• Figlo´s Events Center
• The Civic Plaza (Unidad Administrativa)
• The Culture Casino
• The Sinaloa MASIN Art Museum
• And the Centro de Ciencias

Learning More about Culiacan Festivals
If you would like to learn more about annual festivals in the Culiacan area please feel free to visit the Sinaloa Tourism Office, which is located along the insurgents y Lazaro Cardenas S/N 2do. piso. You can also contact the Sinaloa Tourism Office through email at Culiacan is also home to an Expo and Convention Office which can be reached by calling (667) 752.0620.

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