Car Rental Mazatlan Mexico and Day Trip to Concordia

With your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico you can make a day trip to Concordia. Located on the Durango highway (Mexico 40), it will take you about 45 minutes with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico going east of Mazatlán. This is a colonial town of furniture makers and pottery makers. You will find many great little furniture stands on the side of the road where you can buy hand-made original creations on your way into town with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. There are also pottery stands that sell pottery in the pre-Columbian motif. These make great souvenirs for those back home or for yourself.

Once in town, you will find a charming old town square built in front of a church that is over 350 years old. This is the oldest church in the state of Sinaloa, where Concordia is located. It was built in the 1700s with a baroque facade and decorated columns. If you are feeling a little hungry, you may want to pick up a few mangos, which are available all over the area and locally grown. There is a nearby mineral spring which has been used for generations by local women to do their laundry.

Concordia was founded in January 1565 by the Spanish Grandee, Francisco de Ibarra in the southern part of Sinaloa. Aside from the pottery and furniture, there are many other attractions to see during your day trip with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. The Colonial Church of Saint Sebastian is the oldest in the region, as mentioned before. It is made of red stone, truly a beautiful piece of architecture to see in the area. City Hall was built in the early 20th century in the old French style with chimes from Italy that are still preserved today.

Antiques and furniture are truly a great attraction to bring you out to Concordia for the day with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. You will find pieces that you will not find anywhere else because they are made locally and sold in stands on the side of the street. Imagine the story you will have of your adventure to Concordia when people ask where you got that piece of furniture or pottery!

The Pearl of the Pacific
Concordia is located near Mazatlán with a car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico on the Pacific Ocean. It is a city that is known for its tourism industry, but it is more than just a resort. It has many other industries, and is therefore more relaxed towards those who are visiting compared to some other cities in Mexico. Mazatlán is home for the Pacifico Brewery, which makes one of Mexico's most popular beers. And what is better than a cold beer on the beach on a hot day? People come to Mazatlán to relax as well as to explore the interesting historical sites and statues and take in some of the beach activities such as surfing and sailing.

While you are visiting Mazatlán, be sure to visit Concordia with your car rental. It is a great day trip about 45 minutes outside of the city. Here you will find a charming town with great pottery and furniture to bring home from your trip. Call AGA Rent-A-Car today to book your rental to explore this great area!

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