Car Rental Mazatlan Mexico and Day Trip to El Rosario

El Rosario is a small town about 50 miles south of Mazatlán with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico on the federal highway 15 in the State of Sinaloa. This town is known for its church with the alter that is estimated to be worth a million dollars, making the church worth the day trip here!

El Rosario was founded in 1655 with the discovery of gold and silver. There are more than 70 kilometers of underground tunnels that were dug over a period of nearly 300 years. People there say there are more tunnels than there are streets for your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico! This authentic colonial city stopped the mining activity in 1945, with the famous alter at the church remaining to show how much money the town had. The church is the Mission of Our Lady of Rosario, consecrated in 1731 and finished in 1759. The ground where the church was built caved in due to the mining underneath, so it was moved one brick at a time to its current location. Today it can be found in the town square.

Just outside of Rosario are the beaches of Caimanero and a lagoon of the same name. It's not hard to get here with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. This is a nice place to enjoy outside of the busy resort beaches you may find in Mazatlán. The town here also has great archeological artifacts in the town from the colonial period. In Chametla there is a natural breeding area for shrimp, and fishers can try to catch some sea bass or red snapper.

For nature lovers, there is a butterfly sanctuary, where every winter some 100 million monarch butterflies migrate through the area. The sanctuary is open from November through March from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Be sure to stop in here while you visit El Rosario with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico.

All About Mazatlán
Mazatlán's most famous area with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico is the golden zone. This is where you will find the hotels, fine restaurants, and most of the nightlife. This is the area north of Punta Sábalo, and the most recognizable attraction is Fiesta Land. This is a place you will want to see with your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico. Fiesta Land is known as the place to party, walking distance to most of the hotels in the golden zone. If you don't want to take your car rental in Mazatlán, Mexico, there are many Pulmonías. These are like cabs, taking you anywhere you want to go in the city. They can be found all over the place here! Plus, they offer a fair price for a resort town.

While staying in Mazatlán, you may want to take a tour of the old town. Many of the buildings have been restored or are in the process of being restored. Walking tours of the area with highlight the area nicely, but you can also walk around on your own and discover the area. While out, you can enjoy some of the cafes that locals love to frequent. If you have kids here, there is miniature golf and a water park in Mazatlán that are a lot of fun! There is also the largest aquarium in Mexico with interesting exhibits and seal shows for you to enjoy.

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