Deer Island

Ever wanted to retreat into paradise on a peaceful and secluded island? Rather than driving around the city in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico, why not make a day trip out to the beautiful Deer Island (Isla de Venados)! Here you will love the white soft sand, blue clear waters, and the beautiful surrounding rock formations and other unique wildlife.

Before packing your car rental Mazatlán Mexico with water sport gear, read up on the following information about Deer Island. The island is part of 3 rocky islands from Mazatlán's beaches. Island de Chiros (Goat Island) is on the left, Isla de Pajaros (bird Island) is on the right, and right in the middle you will find Isla de Venados (Deer Island). All three islands are part of a natural reserve that includes all 900+ islands in the Gulf of California. This is for the protection of the native flora and fauna. Swimming and diving are also popular activities.

The secluded beaches on Deer Island are great for day tripping and the clear waters provide some of the best snorkeling experiences in the world. The waters of Mazatlán hid a sunken treasure of thousands of jewel-hued fish. There is no need to pack snorkeling equipment in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico because you can them at the island for $8 per person.

Getting to Deer Island
There are many ways to get to Deer Island. From the Zona Doranda hotel, there are a number of ferries that leave frequently to the island and back. The ride is approximately 10 minutes to and back. You can also board a ferry just off the sandy beaches of El Cid. Once on board you can take a relaxing 30 minute voyage to Deer Island. Don't' forget to bring your own drinks and food. The ferry departs every 2 hours to and from Deer Island and costs $8/person for a roundtrip. Some tours will allow you the opportunity to sail to Deer Island by a Catamaran Wharf. This usually takes around 40 minutes.

Kayaking Tours

Sendero Mexico's Kayak Tours
Take a one day break from driving your car rental Mazatlán Mexico and join this guided kayak tour to explore Deer Island - the largest of Mazatlán's beautiful and secluded coastal islands. This short boast ride from their base in Marina Isla Mazatlán takes you out to Deer Island where a dry camp (set up for each tour) will be waiting for you. In this 5 hour tour, you will get to kayak and snorkel the warm tranquil waters of the island as well as take an optional guided hike to explore Deer Island's unique wildlife. The bilingual guides will answer all your questions and snorkeling gear, lunch and drinks and all provided. Email for more information.

Carnival's Deer Island Kayaking Tour
A short taxi ride takes you to the Catamaran wharf where you will board a catamaran for a 40-minute sail across the bay to Deer Island. When you reach the beautiful white sandy beach you can choose from lying in the sun, enjoy a game of volleyball or swimming in the ocean. The highlight of your day will be a 45-minute kayak trip around the protected side of the Island to explore the amazing rock formations, bird life or a small cove. There is also an optional walk where your guide can take you up an easy trail to see some amazing views of Mazatlán before coming back to the beach to re-board the catamaran for your return to catamaran wharf. There is an optional drop off in the Golden Zone for guests wishing to shop however; in this case you will be responsible for your own transportation back to the ship. Be sure to leave room in your car rental Mazatlán Mexico for all your souvenirs! Equipment and transportation are included and there is no experience necessary. The tour lasts around 5 hours. For more information call Cruise Help: 1-800-377-9383: Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-5pm, and Sun 10am-5pm (EST).

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