Dorados de Sinaloa Soccer Team

The Dorados de Sinaloa, or the Dorados, is a Mexican professional soccer team. They play their home games in the city of Culiacán in the province of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico. The Dorados is the newest team to join the Mexican First Division, the top football (as it is called in Mexico - in the States it is soccer) league in the country. With your car rental in Mexico you can see a great game of soccer and feel the excitement in the stadium as the game unfolds.

La Primera - #1 for Soccer in Mexico
With 19 teams, the Primera División de México (Mexican First Division) is the top league of professional soccer teams in Mexico. In Mexico, soccer is one of the most popular sports around. As soon as you leave your car rental in Mexico and enter the stadium, you can feel the tension and excitement building up in the air. Soccer no longer is a sport, but it becomes a way of life for the people who love this game. It is hard not to get swept up in the excitement of the stadium.

A New Team Looking to Make it Big
As the newest team to the First Division, the Dorados are looking to make a name for themselves in the league. They play at the Estadio Carlos González Stadium, a new facility that is able to hold 15,000 fans in Culiacán. With your car rental in Mexico, you can be a part of the excitement. Be sure to check out the game schedule before you go or ask at your hotel when the games are held.

Celebrating in Culiacán
Culiacán is the capital city of the Sinaloa region, and there is plenty to do here after the game to keep you busy with your car rental in Mexico. Founded in 1531 after the conquest of Tenochtitlan by Nuno Beltran de Guzman, Culiacán is one of Mexico's oldest cities. The city was in an ideal location because of the fertile fields surrounding it and inland fishing nearby. Today the area still remains one of the most important cities for agriculture with large fishing fleets as well. Culturally, it is known for its style of music called banda. You may hear some banda while you are out celebrating after the game with your car rental in Mexico.
There are many other attractions in Culiacán aside from soccer as well. There is the Imala hot springs about 30 minutes from the city with your car rental in Mexico. There are also plenty of beaches nearby to cool down in the ocean and get a little sun.

An Ancient Game
A little further south in the area around Mazatlán (not far from Culiacán with your car rental in Mexico) an ancient game from Mesoamerica is still played in some of the rural communities. This is the only area on the continent where you can still find this game being played, and it is very interesting watch. This game was central to the society, religion, and cosmology of the Mesoamerican cultures that were present before the Spanish conquest of Mexico. The Teotihuacán's, the Olmecs, the Aztecs, and the Mayas all played a version of this game. The version played today in the region is considered to be pretty close to the original version and is called Ulama. The game is one of the oldest continuously-played sports and the oldest to use a rubber ball (rubber is indigenous to the Americas). It is played on an oblong field with teams of five that bounce the ball with their hips and try to keep it inbound to score. The game itself is very interesting to watch.

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