Low Cost Car Rental Mazatlan Mexico and Driving in Mexico, Part I

Never driven in Mexico before? Not sure what to expect? Don't worry – you've come to the right place. AGA Low Cost Car Rental Mazatlan, Mexico has all the info you need to enjoy your time behind the wheel. From road signage to confusing toll roads, there's plenty to get caught up on, so let's get to it!

Follow these signs for driving success
One of the most difficult things to master when driving in Mexico is the road signage. While most of the signs look identical to American and Canadian signage (the STOP sign is still hexagonal and red), there are some that are different. Oh, and did we mention that all signs are in Spanish? Before hitting the road in your AGA low cost car rental Mazatlan, Mexico, it's best if you brush up on these few simple sign phrases.

• "Alto" – this one's easy; it's the stop sign.
• "No Rebase" – this is Spanish for "no passing". These signs correspond to a solid line (raya continusos) which indicates that it is unsafe to pass another low cost car rental, Mazatlan Mexico driver.
• "Curva Peligross" – if you see one of these signs, slow down! A "dangerous curve" is coming up ahead. These signs are placed at any curve that is severe enough to warrant extra caution.
• "Poblano Proximo" – this sign let's drivers know that there is a "town near". It is always a good idea to slow down when you see one of these signs as there may be a hidden intersection within a few yards.
• "Ceda El Paso" – these signs are black and white and triangular in shape. They function similarly to American "yield right-of-way" signs. These signs are most commonly placed in the proximity of glorietta. A glorietta is a piece of land with a statue set on it. In all cases, the traffic flows counter-clockwise around a glorietta. This also holds true to plazas and village squares, two other common places to find "Ceda El Paso" signs.
• "Encruzamiento de Ferrocarrilles" – Railroad crossings are marked in the same was as American crossings; simply look for the familiar X shape. Traffic is suppose to come to a full stop at all rail crossings (if a cop catches you speeding through you can expect to get slapped with a large fine).
• "Vado" – AGA Low Cost Car Rental Mazatlan, Mexico travelers should note that a vado is a section of the road that is regularly washed out (the indicator sign is a yellow diamond with a bunch of squiggly lines crossing the highway). Vado's can flood within a matter of minutes during bad weather so it's best not to cross one unless you are 100% you can make it across unharmed.
• "Cuesta Peligrossa" – AGA Low Cost Car Rental Mazatlan, Mexico travelers should interpret this sign as "dangerous grade". These hazards are also shown as a car going up (or down)hill on a yellow diamond sign.
• "Un Sentido" – this sign means that you're traveling on a "one way street". These signs are usually accompanied by an arrow. A "Doble Sentido" means "two way street". If you see one of these signs, it's normally a good indication that a one way street is nearby.
• "Desviacion" – every AGA Low Cost Car Rental Mazatlan, Mexico travelers most dreaded sign..."detour".
• "Salida" – if you're traveling on the highway, you'll see plenty of these signs. They stand for "exits".
• "Ganado" – this sign may seem strange the first time you see it, but you'll get used to it soon enough. "Gando" means "cattle" in Spanish, and you can expect to see plenty of cows wandering the roadways of Mexico. Mexican cattle roam freely over the range in this country, causing commuters constant problems. The best marker of these road hazards are a diamond shaped sign with a black silhouette of a horned steer.

Think you've mastered these basic road signs? Then it's time to check out the second part of AGA's "Driving in Mexico Guide".

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