Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan Mexico and Driving in Mexico Part II

Getting around town in your cheap car rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico rent-a-car is easy – provided you know the rules of the road. There are a few things that all foreign drivers should know before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. For more information on basic road signage, please refer to AGA's "Driving in Mexico Part I" travel guide page. For more information of Mexican drivers and common road occurrence, continue to read here.

Know who you share the road with
Customers of AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico may think that all drivers are the same, regardless of where you travel. However, this is hardly ever the case – especially in Mexico. While most Mexican drivers and polite and cautious, a great many of them also ignore traffic signs, traveling at speeds that are much too fast. According to a recent study, Mexico boasts an accident rate that's six time higher per hundred thousand miles than that of the US. Common causes of accidents include impaired driving, excessive speeds and unsafe manoeuvres. Thus, when driving in Mexico, it's best to always be on your guard.

Strange driving behaviours decoded
Local drivers tend to abide by their own driving rules, many of which can be confusing to unsuspecting AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico customers. Here are some of the most important behaviours to watch for:

• A steady blinking left turn signal: No, this doesn't mean that the driver is planning to turn left. Rather, it is a sign that the driver thinks it is okay for you to turn out in front of them. Before taking this advice, AGA highly recommends that you inspect the oncoming lane for yourself. What the driver deems as "adequate passing room" may not be very much. Of course, some drivers do use the left turn signal for its intended purpose, so always, ALWAYS be sure to check before merging into traffic.
• Emergency signals: When you see a car approaching with headlights flashing this is normally a warning of imminent danger. This danger could range from a collapsed bridge to stalled transport truck. If at any times during your travels you come across a hazard, please do your part and pass it on by flashing your headlights of your AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico rent-a-car in a similar manner.
• Traffic warning methods: If you're traveling in a rural area and see a person waving an article of clothing near a bend in the road it's best to slow down. This is a sure sign that a stalled vehicle waits around the blind curve. Another method of warning oncoming traffic is by placing foreign objects in the road. This could include large rocks, an old piece of furniture or a pile of bottles; anything to catch your attention and make you stop your AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico rent-a-car.

A note about traveling at night
If you're planning to hit the road at night during your upcoming AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico vacation be careful. Studies have shown that nearly 90% of Mexico's fatal accidents occur between the hours of dusk and dawn. This is due to a number of reasons. First, the objects that plague your daytime driving are easily hidden by the dark. Second, Mexican road stripping paint does not reflect headlights very well. Other factors include minimal street lights, wandering cattle and intoxicated drivers. If you're uncomfortable with Mexican roadways during the day, it's best to avoid them like the plague at night.

Driving in Mexico might seem like a daunting task at first, but like everything else, a little practice is all it takes to get the hang of things. For more driving tips, simply ask your AGA Cheap Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico rent-a-car agent.

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