Mazatlan Car Rental and Durango City

Feel a warm Mexican breeze caress your face as you walk the streets of old Durango City. Founded in 1563, Durango is a beautiful and growing city filled with the type of Mexican charm that will make your Mazatlan car rental vacation special. In the present day, Durango City has a population of close to 500,000 people. Take a stroll through Durango's historic districts or spend a few days exploring the city's cultural destinations. Durango is a true Mexico Mazatlan car rental destination. Escape the hoards of tourists and discover Mexico as it was meant to be.

It's lights, cameras, action on your Mazatlan Car Rental vacation
Are you looking at me? Are you ready to ride off into the sunset? And while you're at it, keep your eyes peeled for Paul Newman or John Wayne riding the Durango streets. The Durango cityscape has such a traditional appeal, that hundreds of movies, specifically Westerns have been filmed within the city itself. Walk the same streets and find a traditional Mexican saloon to cool off in during siesta time. Although no longer a centerpiece for filmmaking, the city still holds its charm that made it an ideal location for the big screen. Don't be afraid to explore in your Mazatlan car rental. Compared to many of Mexico's larger cities, Durango is known as a relatively safe and inviting place to visit.

It's time to snap a few photographs
First on your list of destinations, drive your Mazatlan car rental to the Cathedral of Durango. Towering over the city, this picturesque church was built between 1685 and 1787. Open each day from 9am until 7pm, the cathedral is the perfect place to snap a few pictures and revel at the historic sculptures and stained glass. Next on your sightseeing map should be the Presidencia Municipal. The Durango City Hall is a large building that resembles a royal palace more than a city hall. In fact, this location does have a palace. Open to the public from 8am until 8pm, tour the majestic grounds or attend a public council meeting. Make your Mazatlan car rental vacation memorable with a few traditional stops on your sightseeing adventure.

Culture yourself in Durango
Brush up on your Spanish before you arrive in Mexico. Otherwise, it may be difficult to appreciate many of Durango's spectacular museums and cultural locations to the fullest. Durango is filled with excellent museums including the Regional Museum of Durango, Ganot-Peschard Museum of Archaeology, Guillermo Ceniceros Art Museum, and the Angel Zagarra Museum of Contemporary Art. History, artifacts, paintings, and sculptures fill the rooms of Durango's best museums. For more information on each of Durango's cultural locations, feel free to visit Make sure you know where you are going and how to ask for directions in Spanish before embarking on your Mazatlan car rental vacation.

Don't forget your sunscreen
Durango is hot, hot, hot! If you're arriving from the northern portions of North America, Europe, or Asia, prepare for a climate change. In the typically frigid months of December, January, and February, Durango enjoys a comfortable average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. In the summer months, you'll be glad your Mazatlan car rental vehicle has air conditioning. Summer temperatures in May and June average 31 degrees, while April, July, and August average roughly 28 degrees Celsius. While exploring the Durango streets, make sure you put on your sunscreen. The Mexican rays can be hot and will leave you with an excellent summer tan. Be prepared for odd weather. It is still advised to bring long clothing despite the warm temperatures. In December 1997, the temperature in Durango plummeted to minus 14 degrees Celsius. At the other extreme, the record high for Durango was 39.5 degrees in May 1980.

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