Budget Mexico Car Rental and El Angel de la Independencia

From chaos comes order; from death life. Such is the meaning behind Mexico City's most recognizable landmark - El Angel de la Independencia. Most commonly known by the shortened name "El Angel," the official name of the memorial is Columna de la Independencia. The monument was erected in 1910 as a victory column commemorating the centennial of the beginning of Mexico's War of Independence. Budget Mexico car rental travelers will see the column when driving the roundabout over Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City's downtown.

Details of the monument
Budget Mexico car rental travelers can easily spot El Angel when driving through the streets of downtown Mexico City - the glint of gold from the angel's wings will almost always catch your eye. But the angel is just part of the prolific 36 meter showcase. At the base of the monument, budget Mexico car rental travelers will see a quadrangular based featuring four bronzed statues. These statues represent Law, War, Justice and Peace. Inscribed on the base is "La Nacion a los Heroes de la Independence" and in front of this inscription is a bronze statue of a child leading a lion. This represents two things; first, strength and the innocence of youth during war, and second, docility during peace.

The crown jewel
The column itself is 36 meters high and is made of steel covered with quarried stone. On close inspection, budget Mexico car rental travelers will discover that the column is decorated with garlands, palms and rings with names of important Independence figures. Inside the column is a hidden staircase which leads to a viewpoint of above the capital. The capital itself is Corinthian in style and is adorned by four eagles. The crowning jewel of the column is what gives the monument its name. Standing 6.7 meters tall, the angel atop of the column represents the Winged Victory. Crafted by Enrique Alciati, the sculpture is made of bronze and coated in 24k gold. The Angel holds both a laurel crown (which symbolizes victory) and a broken chain symbolizing freedom.

A brief history of Mexico's most recognizable monument
El Angel de la Independencia was ordered in 1902 by President Porfirio Diaz. All of the sculptures were made by the Italian artist Alciati, while architect Antonio Rivas Mercado was in charge of the monuments overall design. While the monument was originally intended solely to commemorate the first hundred years of Mexican Independence, budget Mexico car rental travelers should note that 1925, the monument was given a second purpose - a mausoleum to heroes. Heroes like Juan Aldama, Nicolas Bravo and Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla are now interred in the base of the monument, along with nine other prominent heroes of Independence. In 1929, an eternal flame was further added to the monuments base honouring these heroes.

A fallen angel
Since its creation, El Angel has suffered major damage on just one occasion - the earthquake of 1957. On July 28 of this fateful year, the winged Victory toppled to the ground, breaking into several pieces. Restoration of the priceless monument was left to sculptor Jose Fernandez Urbina. The monument was reopened one year later. The angel has survived all earthquakes since.

El Angel has long been a focal point in Mexico City, whether as a budget Mexico car rental attraction, or as a gathering place for civic events. If you're in the city during soccer season, be sure to check out El Angel directly following a Mexico City victory - the street will be alive with celebratory locals! And don't forget to drive by her at night in your budget Mexico car rental - there's something sensational about the Angel when she's lit by the lights of Mexico City.

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