El Farallón Restaurant

A taste of the exotic is waiting for customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire at the El Farallón Restaurant. Deliciously daring, this wonderful eatery provides guests with the finest selection of seafood in all of the Sinaloa state. Mouthwatering aromas radiate from this downtown restaurant daily, so why deprive yourself? Reserve a table at this magnificent restaurant today and invite your taste buds to a celebration of sensational seafood.

Making mouths water since 1961
Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire can opt to visit the El Farallón Restaurant at one of its two Sinaloa State locations. Branches can be found in both Los Mochis and Culiacan. Named for the original establishment's location on the Los Mochis el Farallón "the outcrop", this splendid restaurant boasts quite the fan base. Customers come from all over the Sinaloa State to sample the fresh seafood selections listed on the El Farallón menu, satisfying even the worst of hungers. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire are encouraged to show up early in order to secure a table. No other restaurant in that State features "Cortes Sea's cuisine" quite like El Farallón, so expect tables to fill up fast.

Wrap your tentacles around these fantastic El Farallón offerings
Seafood lovers unite inside El Farallón restaurant nightly, indulging in some of the freshest aquatic offerings in the area. Whether you're looking for something sweet of spicy, El Farallón is sure to have a dish that's perfectly suited to your palate. Inspired by Mexico's amazing seafood industry, El Farallón provides customers with a selection of freshly caught shrimp and fish entrees. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire can even indulge in delicacies like squid and octopus. From the familiar to the fantastic, El Farallón has something for everyone on their menu, so don't delay. Stop in and sample some of Mexico's most memorable seafood creations. AGA Mexico Car Hire recommends ordering the octopus cocktail, the penn shell and the Tokio stuffed squid.

Not even the President could resist these exciting infusions of flavor
El Farallón has proudly provided hungry customers with sensational seafood appetizers and entrees for more than four decades. In this time, the restaurant has seen thousands of visitors pass by its tables, including Presidents of the Republic, American state governors, international ambassadors and world-renowned entertainers. It seems that no one can resist the food at El Farallón, thanks to its outstanding quality and mouthwatering flavors. El Farallón is constantly changing its menu to better accommodate its customers, stocking the kitchen with a unique collection of ingredients and fixings. The staff at El Farallón is committed to providing you with the best dining experience in all of the Sinaloa State, so round up your AGA Mexico Car Hire crew and get ready for one tasty adventure.

From intimate dinners to oversized parties: El Farallón can accommodate you
The original El Farallón restaurant is located in Los Mochis inside what was once a supermarket warehouse. This spacious storehouse has been transformed into an inviting dining hall capable of accommodating more then 200 people. Whether you're planning an exciting party or a romantic evening for two, El Farallón in Los Mochis has a table that's right for you.

Is your mouth watering yet? Hurry and make your reservation right now
Mouthwatering meals are waiting for you at the El Farallón restaurants in Sinaloa State, so don't wait to call and reserve your table. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire can reserve a table at the Los Mochis location by calling (668) 812-12-73 or 812-14-28. Reservations can be made at the Culiacan location by calling (667) 712-27-90 or 712-29-08. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire can also visit El Farallón's Spanish language website at www.farallon.com.mx.

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