Mexico Rental Car and El Fuerte de San Diego, Acapulco

Imagine that you are on your Mexico car rental vacation and you hear a fact that sounds interesting to you. You hear someone talking about the history of Acapulco and how it came to be. You are incredibly interested in this information and want to learn more about it, but the person who is talking about it is walking away with a friend and you can't hear what they are saying anymore. You feel a little bit like a spy now because you want to get closer to them without being noticed. You finally decide to take it into your own hands and go to a museum to learn all you want to know about this place you are visiting. You head to the Historical Museum of Acapulco to find out all you ever needed to know and more. You step inside the building and realize what a beautiful place it is and you can't wait to start learning. This has been such a great experience and you know more about Acapulco now than you ever did in your entire life. Aren't you glad you checked out El Fuerte de San Diego on your Mexico car rental vacation?

Come and visit a historic landmark
El Fuerte de San Diego is a historic building located in Acapulco. It is not just a historic building; it is the most historic building in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero. This port is actually very special as well because it is shaped like a turtle, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Since 1986, this building has housed the Historical Museum of Acapulco and is made up of 13 different exhibition rooms. These rooms help the museum to recognize the inhabitants of Guerrero and they aim to celebrate its history and culture. It is a wonderful place to take your family if you want to learn about this area at all on your Mexico car rental vacation.

Talk a walk back in time
The building of the History Museum is shaped like a pentagon and it has 5 main exhibition rooms, one on each side of the pentagon. The exhibits demonstrate the culture of the Guerrero area and there is even an exhibit that is dedicated to the Yope Indians who fought to save the building when there was a resistance to Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes. There was some damage to the building but it has since been restored and you won't want to miss out on seeing what it looks like today. Check it out, Mexico car rental customers.

Every building has a history, so what's the story here?
This fort was built in 1616 as a protector of the city's harbor and its citizens from pirate attacks. There was an earthquake in 1776 and much of this building was destroyed but today, there is a great museum inside. There are videos and texts that demonstrate Acapulco's first pre-Hispanic settlements 3,000 years ago. It talks about the era of the missionaries and gaining independence from Spain in 1821. You can marvel at things like silks, Talavera tiles, china and handmade wooden furniture. There is a media show that is put on in Spanish on Thursday, Friday and Saturday outside of the building. This show costs $10 and is put on at 8pm. This is a great place to go if you want to learn about the history of the old port city you are visiting. There is also a gift shop so that you can take home some souvenirs and it has amazing scenery that is perfect for picture-taking. Come check out the remarkable views and learn about the city's history on your Mexico car rental trip.

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