Espana Restaurante

Creating the perfect meal is much like creating a flawless piece of art; it takes patience, precision and skill. If you have an appreciation for fine food masterpieces, now is the time to book a table at the Espana Restaurante in Los Mochis. This magnificent fine dining establishment specializes in creative culinary crafts, providing customers with a rich spectrum of aromas, textures and flavors. For more than 40 years, the Espana Restaurante has fascinated the city of Los Mochis with its rich selection of meats, seafood, pastas, and salads, so why wait any longer? Come in and taste if for yourself during your upcoming AGA Mexico Car Hire vacation.

An ideal place for entertaining friends
The Espana Restaurante features an ideal atmosphere for celebrations, both big and small. Whether you're planning a romantic get together for you and a sweetie, or a surprise retirement party for a friend, the Espana Restaurante has a table or hall that's right for you. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire are encouraged to plan a party at the Espana Restaurante during their upcoming vacation. Amenities at Espana include your choice of round or plank tables, plates, place settings and glasswork, customized menus, DJs and security. Espana Restaurante also has an onsite pastry shop for wedding parties and special occasions. Halls at Espana Restaurante can seat between 120 and 500 people.

Turn your business meeting into a smorgasbord of fun
Planning a causal business meeting isn't always easy. Thankfully, Espana Restaurante has a solution. Espana Restaurante currently features a long list of services designed to compliment your evening out. These include everything from wireless microphones and video projectors to televisions and copiers. Whether you're pitching a new campaign or celebrating a recent promotion, the Espana Restaurante can help enhance most any meeting.

You'll never leave Espana Restaurante hungry
Espana Restaurante currently offers customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire a number of exciting meal ideas. From appetizers and entrees to buffet breakfasts and All-You-Can-Eat dinners, you're sure to find something satisfying on the menu at Espana. From salads to seafood, Spanish to Italian, the flavors are always overflowing at the Espana Restaurante. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire are invited to select from menu items like Caribbean Ceviche, Empanizados shrimps, Toritos de Marlin and Fileta Ensebollado. Buffets at Espana Restaurante include French, Spanish, Italian, Eastern and Mexican cuisines. The breakfast buffet is served daily from 7am to 12pm. Dinner buffets are served Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

An ambience that's intended to awe
An outstanding restaurant requires much more than just great food. It also requires a stunning ambiance. The atmosphere at Espana Restaurante fulfills this requirement flawlessly, providing customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire with a magnificent Spanish flavor. From the rustic rock walls to the solid stone columns, Espana makes visitors feel like they are dining in a beautiful Spanish monastery. Natural and artificial lighting help illuminate these wonderful architectural features, creating a relaxing dining atmosphere.
Culinary creativity is at its best inside the Espana Restaurante. If you would like to learn more about this lovely restaurant please feel free to contact the restaurant by phone at (668) 812-22-21. A Spanish website is also online at Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire are invited to dine at Espana Restaurante Monday through Saturday from 7am to 11pm, and Sunday from 7am to 7pm. Reservations can be made online or by phone. The Espana Restaurante can be found on Obregon 525 Pte. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire won't be able to resist the wonderful menu items at Espana Restaurante, so why try? Plan to visit this wonderful dining facility during your upcoming vacation.

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