Cheap Mexico Car Rental and Getting Married in Los Mochis

Los Mochis began with the vision of a utopian society, making it a great place to start your married life with your cheap Mexico car rental. Around here you will find one of Mexico's best railways, making the perfect end to your wedding. This romantic scenery is a great way to start your honeymoon.

Get married in Mazatlan
Topolobampo Bay has a wonderful landscape that should not be missed with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico. Across from the bay there is a sandbar where spectacular beaches can be found. If you have dreamed of a beach wedding, this is an ideal location. Opposite the Sea of Cortez with your cheap Mexico car renal there are long, flat beaches that are devoid of any rocks or hills. Here you can find solitude with the Pacific and the sanctuary for marine animals found here. Call a wedding planner to find out how to make the beach wedding you have dreamed of here.

Leave your worries behind
There are a few legal requirements that you must meet before getting married in Mexico:

Choices, choices: There are two types of ceremonies here, just as in the United States. You can choose a civil marriage, which makes the marriage legal or a religious marriage, which is likely to take place in a church.

Consent: You must be 18 years old to get married without consent. With parental consent, boys must be 16 and girls must be 14.

Foreigners: In order to marry another non-Mexican resident, you need a passport and tourist permit. There is some paperwork that you will need to fill out when you get here with your cheap Mexico car rental.

Medical Issues: You will need to get a chest x-ray and blood test done locally in Mexico so that the results are in Spanish and done within a certain time frame.

Witnesses: There must be four witnesses with valid identification (passports) at your ceremony.

Validity: Your marriage certificate will be valid world-wide, but you should get it legalized in Mexico in order to ensure you wont have any problems when you go back home.

A wedding in Los Mochis can be very romantic when you visit with your cheap Mexico car rental. Be sure to plan ahead for the ceremony and enjoy your time here.

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