Car Rentals Mexico and the Golden Zone

All that glitters is gold in the Zona Dorada of Mazatlan Mexico! TheGolden Zone tourist area of Mazatlan, Mexico is situated along the Camaron Sabalo Avenue in the heart of the city. Designed as a one-stop vacation destination, the Zona Dorado provides car hire in Mexico customers with access to a wide variety of outstanding attractions. From shopping and dining to recreation and adventure, the fun never ends along Mazatlan's Golden Zone! Sun-seeking tourists can find everything they need along this beautiful stretch of street, so what are you waiting for! The most popular beaches in the city are found here, no to mention the nicest hotels so don't delay! Enjoy a golden vacation during your upcoming AGA Rent-A-Car car hire period – stay in the Zona Dorada!

The Glories of Going Golden
Mazatlan's Golden Zone was specifically designed for tourists just over 50 years ago. Originally swamp land, the Zona Dorada is now home to some of Mexico's finest amenities. Located about four miles north of downtown, the Zona Dorada is dominated by some of the biggest names in Mexican real estate and resort management. Stunning hotel complexes cover the area beginning at the intersection of the Avendina del Mar and Avendina Rafael Buelna all the way along and beyond the Playa Sabalo. Known for its fine dining and fantastic nightlife, the Zona Dorada is constantly alive with excitement and activity, so get ready to party hard! Most of the nightlife, hotel and attractions are located within minutes of each other at the heart of the Golden Zone, so grab a friend and get ready for a night neither of you will ever forget! Car hire in Mexico clients are encouraged to stay at anyone of the first-class Golden Zone resorts. These include the Hotel Playa Mazatlan, the Hotel Las Flores, the Royal Villas Resort, the Hotel Azteca Inn and the Riviera Beach Resort.

The "Pearl of the Pacific"
The city of Mazatlan is one of world's most important tourist destinations. Known internationally as the "Pearl of the Pacific", Mazatlan continues to rival tourist hotspots like Acapulco and Cancun for the number one vacation destination in Central America. Home to more than 10,000 hotel rooms, the city's Golden Zone features an outstanding collection of top notch entertainment, recreation and shopping. From the chaotic Mazatlan Carnival to the competitive water sport registry, the Zona Dorada continues to excite and entice travelers from all corners of the planet. Modern amenities in the area provide car hire in Mexico clients with convenient creature comforts without spoiling the traditional atmosphere of southern sun and friendly fun. English speaking car hire in Mexico travelers will feel right at home in the cosmopolitan setting, so why wait! The Golden Zone of Mazatlan is proud to be the home of endless summer sun, so toss on a bathing suit and get ready for a fantastic vacation!

Over 15 Miles of Sun-Kissed Sand and Crystal Clear Water
The most popular tourist beaches in Mazatlan are located directly off of the Golden Zone providing car hire in Mexico clients with quick and easy access. From the sizzling sands to the magnificent Malecon boardwalk, the beaches of the Zona Dorada are irresistible both day and night! Popular activities along the beaches of the Golden Zone include shopping at waterside vendors, participating in impromptu water games, dining at a charming beachfront restaurant or simply soaking up some of the soothing summer sun! Surfers are known to catch some serious waves along theGolden Zone as well so be sure t try and catch a wave or two during your upcoming car hire in Mexico vacation! Sport fishing is also extremely popular along the Golden Zone, so don't forget to pack your tackle box!

AGA Rent-A-Car is proud to provide car hire in Mexico clients with two convenient Mazatlan locations – both of which are within minutes of the Zona Dorada. If you would like to learn more about Mazatlan's magicalGolden Zone during your upcoming vacation simply stop in at either one of the AGA Rent-A-Car locations. A representative will help answer any of your questions! To reserve a car hire in Mexico from one of AGA Rent-A-Car's Mazatlan locations simply call 1-800-012-4261 today!

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