Great Pacifico Marathon and Mazatlan Car Rental

If you have ever wanted to take part in a marathon in Mexico then look no further than the Gran Marathon Pacifico - The Great Pacific Marathon. Taking place in Mazatlan, the Gran Maraton Pacifico incorporates a full marathon, a half marathon, a 10k and a 5k run. The Gran Maraton Pacifico kicks off on December 6th with lots of excitement and preparation taking place throughout the weekend. Over 6000 runners take part. The course stretches down Mexico's longest coastal boulevard.

On the run
The Grand Pacifico Marathon is rated one of the top 10 marathons in the world for its ideal landscape, warm weather and international presence. Mazatlan is not only a major Mexican port for tourists, but has attracted athletes from across the world to take part in this ultimate destination marathon. The Grand Pacifico Marathon consist of a weekend of races that included a 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, all with a backdrop of breathtaking ocean views and sunshine terrain.

Ready, set go!
Enjoyed the race; there was an English speaking table for registration if needed. Crowds were very vocal on encouragement for all of the runners. Weather was hot but the volunteers were handing out plastic bags of water and Powerade. You just tear the bags open with your teeth as you are runnning. Drink the Powerade and pour the water over your head. Plan on doing this one again.

Something worth running for
The Grand Pacifico Marathon is sponsored by Chicago-based Crown Imports, the U.S. importer of Grupo Modelo Brewery's beers. Marathon winners in the men and women's division are given luxury. There is also a bonus pool of $1 million for breaking the world record and $100, 000 for the Mexican record.

Fun for everyone
In addition to the race, the weekend will be full of celebrations including parades, music concerts and children's activities. The race attracts runners from around the world, along with an extraordinary group of physically and visually impaired athletes. The festivities starts Saturday morning with a series of short races ranging from 1k to 10k for children, wheelchair, crutches and blind participants, along with an invitational for "elite" woman and men runners. On Sunday, thousands of spectators will line the streets to cheer on the competitors of the half and full marathon. There is lots to do with your Mazatlan car rental!

For the beginners
If your planning for Great Pacifico Marathon to be your first marathon it is highly recommended that you begin training at least 8 weeks prior to the actual run. You should also take a physical and get medical clearance to train for a marathon. The secret to marathon training and half marathon training is staying motivated, training smart and safe, and maintaining proper nutrition. Before you begin marathon training, you should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Distance is not important when you begin. You just need to get your body used to running. Gradually you will want to start going longer distances and run for a longer time to gain strength and endurance for the Great Pacifico Marathon with your Mazatlan Car Rental.

Looking for accommodations
Since the Great Pacifico Marathon is a popular course for many runners, marathon accommodation will be in high demand. Take a look around the area with your Mazatlan car rental for accommodation availably in Mazatlan for special deals during this marathon race.

Before you go

For more information on the Great Pacifico Marathon when you travel with your Mazatlan car rental check out their official website at or call (525) 5283 3600

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