Mazatlan Car Rental and Guadalajara

Blend history, music, sunshine, and a little tequila, and you have one fantastic recipe for a vacation. When you travel to Guadalajara in your Mazatlan Car Rental vehicle, you'll find a plethora of tourist activities, fine dinging locations, entertainment, shopping, and accommodation options. As the birthplace of tequila and mariachi music, Guadalajara is a warm and inviting destination. Guadalajara is Mexico's second largest city and features picturesque buildings, cultural activities, and exciting outdoor adventures. Only a short drive from your Mazatlan car rental location, Guadalajara is well worth the trip. In fact, after visiting Guadalajara, you might decide to extend your stay in this charming city.

Don't forget to see the sights
After arriving in your Mazatlan car rental, head straight for the Centro Historico. Here, you'll have the opportunity to see a number of well-preserved historic sites. Take a walk by the Palacio de Gobierno, Basilica de Zapopan, or Teatro Degollado. If you have children along on your Mazatlan car rental vacation, stop into Selca Magica, Guadalajara's own amusement park, the nearby Guadalajara zoo, or El Trompo Magico, the Guadalajara children's museum. In 2010, Guadalajara opens the world's sixth Guggenheim Museum, which is also, Latin America's tallest structure. Make the most of your Mazatlan car rental excursion with a trip to Guadalajara.

Wasting away again in Margaritaville
Add a dash of tequila and you'll discover some true Mexican flavor. Only minutes outside the city limits in your Mazatlan car rental, you'll find two traditional towns that are home to the Suaza and Jose Cuervo distilleries. No trip to Guadalajara would be complete without visiting the distilleries in the towns of Tequila and Amatitan. Here, you'll have the chance to taste the local blends, make a delicious margarita, and learn a little about the history of tequila. Mazatlan car rental reminds you to drink responsibly and always plan to have a designated driver. An easy and safe way to visit the region is to book a ticket on the Tequila Express train tour.

Get a good nights're going to need it
Sink into a comfortable bed and catch some zzz's. After a long day of sightseeing, dining, dancing, shopping, and possibly drinks, you'll need a refreshing rest. Guadalajara is home to hundreds of accommodation options ranging from quiet bed and breakfasts, to luxurious resorts. As TripAdvisors top rated hotel in Guadalajara, the small and affordable Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel is highly recommended. Other excellent places to stay include Villa Ganz, Hotel Morales Historical & Colonial Downtown Core, Quinta Real Guadalajara, Vista Plaza del Sol Guadalajara, Casa de Las Flores, La Perla Boutique Bed & Breakfast, and Casa Venezuela. Whether you're staying for a night, week, or month, keep your Mazatlan car rental vacation comfortable with a stay at one of these fine Guadalajara lodging options.

Taste the Mexican heat
As you walk the streets of Guadalajara, you'll feel the heat of the Mexican sun. When you sit down for dinner, prepare to taste the heat of Mexico's unique and spicy cuisine. Excellent local restaurants include Anita Li, La Matera, I Latina, Corazon de Alcachofa, La Niche Azul, and La Tequila. For the tame of taste, mild options are typically available at Guadalajara restaurants. As well, you'll find a number of delicious Guadalajara restaurants featuring cuisine from across the globe, not just local dishes.

After dinner, get up from your table and dance the mariachi. Local restaurants often feature dancing. Especially if you are dining outside, don't be surprised to hear local musicians serenading you through your meal and coaxing you onto the dance floor. If there isn't a designated dance floor, let the music move you and make your own. Find your own rhythm and a delectable meal the next time you travel with AGA Mazatlan Car Rental in Guadalajara.

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