Los Mochis and Guaymas

Extend your carras Los Mochis vacation in Mexico by planning a special side-trip to Guaymas, Sonora's most important port. Founded only 135 kilometres from the state capital of Hermosillo, the city and port of Guaymas is one of the most popular foreign tourist destinations in the Mexico. For over a century, the port was utilized as a mission settlement, plagued by military invasions and pirate attacks. Luckily, this booming destination is now a commercial center now for its maritime traffic and condominiums. The newest place to vacation in Mexico just so happens to be one of its oldest gems, so why not trust your itinerary planning to history? Plan to visit Guaymas during your upcoming carras Los Mochis vacation.

Reserve your Guaymas Hotel
Customers of AGA Carras Los Mochis will find great modern amenities inside the hotels of Guaymas. Whether you're looking for a luxurious resort or a charming Mexican villa, you're sure to find it along the streets and beaches here. Some of the more popular Guaymas hotels include the Hotel Armida (reservations can be made toll free at 1-800-732-0780 and the Hotel Playa De Cortes. The Hotel Del Puerto is also impressive, while the Hotel Suites Del Sol is perfect for honeymooners. Reserve a room in Guaymas today and uncover an exciting new area to discover.

Are you hungry for good Mexican meal?
Don't let hunger get the best of you during your upcoming AGA Carras Los Mochis vacation. Instead, plan to indulge at the restaurants of Guaymas. There's over a dozen delectable dining establishments located in the city's tourist area, many featuring authentic Mexican and American cuisines. From tacos and burritos to steaks and French fries, you're sure to find something to satisfy everyone in your carras Los Mochis rental. Recommended restaurants include the Restaurante De Gasolinera El Valiente, the Jax Snax Restaurant and Rancho Steak-Ba. Customers of AGA Carros Los Mochis will also find a surprising collection of Chinese and Asian restaurants in the area, thanks to a large population of second and third generation immigrants. If you're craving a little Eastern influence, AGA highly recommends checking out Restaurant Hong Kong, Restaurant Canton and Restaurant Mandarin.

Join the snowbird community
Enjoy your golden years to the fullest by planning to spend an extended vacation in San Carlos, a modern community located just ten minutes from Guaymas. Customers of AGA Carras Los Mochis will find mostly American and Canadian tourists here, along with a few friendly locals. Vacation properties are available to purchase, and there are a number of great resorts onsite. Highlights of this community include a 750 boat slip marina, lovely residential developments, a golf course, and plenty of clear, white beaches. Game fishing is a big draw in the community, so don't forget to bring your tackle box along in your carras Los Mochis rental vehicle.

A quick look at the climate
Customers of AGA Carras Los Mochis will have no problem adjusting to the climate of Guaymas. During the winter months, temperatures range from the upper 40s to the mid 70s (Fahrenheit). Things can get quite hot in the summer months though, so prepare for awesome heat waves. Average temperatures are over 90 Fahrenheit, making for sticking outdoor activities.

Getting to Guaymas
Guaymas is located just off of the Federal Highway 15D which stretches from Tucson, Arizona all the way through to Mazatlan, Guadalajara and eventually Mexico City. Customers of AGA Carras Los Mochis can also hop on the ferry at Guaymas to visit Santa Rosalia, which is located just across the Gulf of California on the Baja. To learn more about Santa Rosalia, check out AGA's Travel Guide page.

The sleepy city of Guaymas is slowly awakening into one of Mexico's hottest vacation destinations. But don't take our word for it, check it out during your upcoming carras Los Mochis and see just how amazing this destination has become.

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