Mazatlan Cheap Car Rental and Gulf of California

Listen to the sound of waves gently lapping into shore as an amber and pink sky embraces the setting sun. This surreal setting is an everyday reality in the picturesque Gulf of California. Also known as the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of California is an outstanding destination for nature lovers, water sport enthusiasts, beachgoers, and tourists. Separating the Baja California Peninsula from Mexico's mainland, the Gulf of Californiais also an important region for industry. Spanning over 900 miles, the Gulf of California is an extraordinary 10,000 feet deep in its most cavernous locations. On your next Mazatlan Cheap Car Rental vacation, travel to the coast of the Gulf of California and enjoy everything this waterway has to offer.

It's wild out there
Emerging up ahead in a cloud of water is a majestic beast that will leave you awe struck. The Gulf of California is filled with thousands of aquatic, air, and terrestrial species for you to view and discover. On your next Mazatlan Cheap Car Rental vacation, drive north to the Gulf of Mexico and go wild with whales, dolphins, sea lions, and other extraordinary animals. Home to more than 890 fish species, 180 birds, 30 marine mammals, and 7 marine reptiles, the Gulf of California is an eco-tourist's paradise. Outstanding reefs and open water regions are inviting for bird and fish species. This natural region is an excellent mating ground for a number of animals, and due to its proximity to land on either side, the Gulf offers warmer waters and proximity to shore for many species. Take a whale watching cruise or depart on an eco-tour from one of the Gulf's many shoreline cities. When you travel to the Gulf on your next Mazatlan Cheap car rental excursion, you're destined for a natural adventure.

Spice up your day with a little play
What would your Mazatlan cheap car rental excursion be without a little time for playing? The Gulf of California is one large aquatic playground for animals and humans alike. Spend a day sport fishing, whale watching, swimming, surfing, kayaking, boating, snorkelling, or scuba diving. The warm blue waters of the Gulf are ideal for water sport enthusiasts. From most of the Gulf's coastal city's you'll find a number of companies offering affordable, safe, and fun tours, lessons, and excursions. Spice up your Mazatlan cheap car rental trip with a day of play on the Gulf of California.

Try one of these great locations
Starting at the southern tip in Mazatlan, you're on the edge of an outstanding adventure along the Gulf of California's sun soaked coast. Departing in your Mazatlan Cheap Car Rental, you're only a short drive from several outstanding destinations along the Gulf's coast. Heading north, you'll pass through Culiacan, Guasave, Los Mochis, Navojoa, and Guaymas. Each of these exciting cities features a vibrant nightlife, interesting culture, delicious dining, luxurious accommodations, and easy access to the Gulf of California. Enjoy a vacation of fun, sun, beaches, scenic drives, and other waterfront activities. On your next Mazatlan cheap car rental vacation, take full advantage of your Mazatlan cheap car rental and take a relaxing road trip along the coast.

Torn in the sands of time
Created more than 12 million years ago, the Gulf of California is quite literally a rip in the sands of time. Created by shifting tectonic forces, Baja was torn from the North American Plate. This region is still in a state of constant change with the presence of volcanic islands forming along the East Pacific Rise. As beautiful today as it was 12 million years ago, the Gulf of Mexico is one location you can't afford to miss on your next Mazatlan Cheap car rental excursion.

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