Car Rentals Mazatlan and Horseback Riding in Mazatlan

If you've always fantasized about riding off into the sunset atop a blazing stallion – now's your chance! Mazatlan is proud to offer travelers a variety of exciting horseback riding options in and around the Mazatlan area. Horse lovers of all ages are sure to enjoy this special activity, so grab some friends and check it out in your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) today! Mazatlan has a horseback riding package that's perfect for everyone, so don't delay and make your reservations today! Popular horseback riding areas in Mazatlan include the trails of Stone Island and parts of the Playa Bruja. Many of the local mega-resorts also offer horseback riding rentals, so be sure to enquire when making accommodation arrangements. Horseback riding is one of the best ways to experience a Mazatlan afternoon, so grab some fellow travelers and renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) and check it out today!

Horseback Riding on Stone Island
Stone Island, or the Isla de la Piedra, is the perfect place to suit up and ride out, so be sure to visit it in your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan). Easily reached by car or boat, this beautiful island offers tourists a plethora of roadways and trails perfect for an afternoon of horseback riding fun. Horseback riding is available everywhere on the island, especially along the beach, so go ahead and saddle up! Many of the Mazatlan mainland tour companies offer exciting tours of the Isla de la Piedra, which include horseback riding opportunities, so don't forget to book your spot after you've finished making your car rental reservations in Mazatlan (reservaciones de autos Mazatlan)! AGA Rent-A-Car recommends booking a seat on the Stone Island Tour (044-669-925-0609), which features activities like volleyball, kayaking and snorkeling along with horseback riding and horse cart rides. The Estrella del Mar Beach Club (982-3300) is also porud to provide guided horseback tours throughout the Isla de La Piedra, so go ahead – park that Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de auto Mazatlan) and see what Stone Island has to offer you!

The Cerritos
Located just north of the Marina El Cid is a stunning area known as the Cerritos. One of Mazatlan's best kept secrets, the Cerritos is practically devoid of tourist activity, providing you and your fellow renters of cars in Mazatlan (arrendadoras de autos Mazatlan) with tons of peace and quiet! The northern end of the Cerritos beach is home to the Playa Bruja; an area known for killer surfing and scenic horseback riding. Horseback riding along the Playa Bruja is definitely a do-not-miss activity, as it provides Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) vacationers with a much needed respite from the craziness of the Golden Zone. Riders should watch out for jellyfish along the horse, as this area is a popular breeding ground in the early spring and summer months. If you would like to ride along the Playa Bruja, AGA Rent-A-Car suggests one of Ginger's Bilingual Horses. Scenic one and two hour rides are available on Ginger's Bilingual Horses, so go ahead and reserve your ride today! Horses are available for both beginners and advanced riders, so be sure to inform one of the bilingual guides of your riding experience.

Other Horseback Riding Areas in Mazatlan
Other areas known for providing exciting horseback riding experiences include the Isla de los Pajaros and the Isla de Los Chivos. Both of these islands offer a tranquil getaway for stressed out tourists, so be sure to enquire about local tours and horseback riding opportunities.

Other exciting outdoor activities in Mazatlan include water sports, hiking, biking and golfing. AGA Rent-A-Car encourages you to take part in as many activities as possible during your upcoming Mazatlan rent-a-car (renta de autos Mazatlan) vacation!

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