Hotel Corintios Los Mochis and Los Mochis Car Rental

If you walk behind the Hotel Corintios entrance with Greek columns and mirrored glass you will find a two story building filled with rooms with ample light, carpeted floors, and space for a comfortable double size bed. Hotel Corintios is a Greek themed hotel located near the heart of Los Mochis. This is a great place to relax after a long day of travel with your Los Mochis car rental. In addition to their comfortable rooms you will also find a Jacuzzi and free internet for all guests. Perhaps the only drawback is the steps you have to climb before you reach your rest stop for the night.

A little about Los Mochis
Located in northern Sinaloa, Mexico, the coastal city of Los Mochis is home to over 230, 000 people. The area was founded in 1893 by a group of American socialists attracted by Albert Kimsey Owen who built the first irrigation ditches in the valley. The city of Los Mochis itself was actually founded by Benjamin Johnston, who made his fortune cultivating sugar cane. The irrigation region is the largest district and the principal agricultural area producing sugar cane, rice, flowers, and a variety of vegetables. The valley is also one of the largest producers of mangoes in Mexico. Many residents of the city also enjoy visiting the nearby beach of El Maviri.

What to do in Los Mochis
Los Mochis is a great place to drive around with your Los Mochis car rental. A popular past time in Los Mochis is "Leyvazo" which is where people park their cars or cruise along Gabriel Leyva Avenue in Downtown Los Mochis. It is also popular for people to park their cars to just listen to music and talk. Make sure you try out some seafood cuisine when in the area, they are absolutely delicious! City tours, hunting, fishing tours, or harbor tours can all be arranges through travel agencies throughout the city as well. Other places of interest that you should visit when traveling with your Los Mochis car rental include Museo Regional del Valle del Fuerte, Parque Sinaloa, Los Mochis Regional Museum, Memorial Hill, and Sagrado Corazon.

Sit back and relax
This centrally located hotel is an excellent option for travelers on a budget. The price of one night is about half the price of other hotels. For the price range the rooms are understandably a little plain but there are several amenities that have travelers picking Hotel Corintios over others, including the marble bathtubs.

Time for some Z's
With clean sheets and comfortable beds, what more could you ask for when you travel with your Los Mochis Car Rental to Hotel Corintios? Junior suites are different from the standard rooms only in that they have king size beds and minibars. Hotel Corintios 2 storey building houses 35 rooms and 6 suites.

Before you go
Located on Obregon 580 Poniente, Los Mochis, rooms start at $71 for a double bed and $78 for a junior suite. Rates include a conteinental breakfast and free parking for your Los Mochis car rental. Other amenities include a restaurant on site, Jacuzzi, gym, room service until 11 pm and laundry service. In each room you will find an A/C and TV. If you can, try to make a reservation beforehand as the hotel is popular and is occasionally fully booked. Hotel Corintios accept major credit cards including American Express, Master Card, and Visa.

For more information on Hotel Corintios Los Mochis when you travel with your Los Mochis car rental visit their official website at or call 668 818 2300

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