Hotel El Dorado

AGA Mexico Car Hire has found the illusive El Dorado, but instead of finding a city rich in gold, we've found a hotel ripe with luxuries! The Hotel El Dorado in Los Mochis, Mexico proudly provides visitors with an exciting array of first-class amenities, showering opulence and excitement on travelers of all ages. A major part of the Los Mochis tourism industry since 1964, the Hotel El Dorado understands the importance of little luxuries. You and your AGA Mexico Car Hire friends will think you've struck gold when you see the rooms at the Hotel El Dorado, so why delay? Claim your very own piece of El Dorado by making a room reservation today.

Have it your way: Rooms that are ready for anything
Rooms at the Hotel El Dorado are designed to provide their occupants with the highest level of comfort and the finest array of amenities. Awarded a four-star property rating, the Hotel El Dorado features everything you'd expect from a first-class hotel - and more. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire will find 93 beautiful rooms inside the El Dorado, along with two sophisticated suites. Rooms are available with balconies or garden terraces and offer attractive views of the pool area or garden walkway. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire will also be excited to learn that the Hotel El Dorado offers a number of functional room setups. From single to quadruple occupancy, the El Dorado is sure to have a room that fits all of your travel needs.

Enhance you meeting with a little El Dorado magic
The Hotel El Dorado currently features a handful of fully functional meeting rooms designed to accommodate most any event. These rooms feature everything from air conditioning to televisions, providing customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire with plenty of creative range. Specially designed meeting areas at the El Dorado include the Rhodas Room, the Atenas Room, and the Italianissimo Room. Room capacities range from 60 people to 136.

Socialize in style at El Dorado's bar and restaurant facilities
If you're looking to relax after a long day on the beach, AGA Mexico Car Hire highly recommends heading to the El Dorado for a tasty meal and a refreshing drink. The restaurant cafeteria at the El Dorado offers an excellent menu, complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. A delicious variety of Mexican and international cuisine is prepared fresh daily in the kitchen so don't forget to stop by and fuel up. The Hotel El Dorado also features a live music bar, providing visitors with great evening entertainment. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire are invited to stop in during Happy Hour, Monday through Saturday.

A gateway to adventure
The hotel El Dorado is proud to be one of Los Mochis finest hotel establishments. Thousands of guests are expected to select the El Dorado as their hotel of choice this vacation season, and it's no wonder why. The El Dorado is located in the heart of Los Mochis, the gateway to Copper Canyon. This beautiful mountain range is practically located on the El Dorado's doorstep, providing guests with a handful of exciting vacation ideas. From hiking and bird watching to sightseeing on the legendary Chepe train, you're sure to find something wonderful to do during your stay at the El Dorado.
If you'd like to uncover the magic of El Dorado during your upcoming AGA Mexico Car Hire vacation simply visit the Hotel El Dorado online. Customers can access an English website by visiting Simply click on the English icon in the left hand corner. Customers of AGA Mexico Car Hire can make reservations directly from this webpage. The Hotel El Dorado proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The Hotel El Dorado is located on Gabriel Leyva H. Valdez #525 Nte.

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