Hotel Posada del Hildalgo

Hotel Posada del Hildalgo is a beautiful colonial mansion built by Senor Rafael Almada in 1890, a wealthy mayor who spent thousands on its construction. The furnishings come from all over North America: the beams come from Canadian red pine and the furniture from San Francisco. It is a nice place to visit with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico.
Rafael wanted his mansion to be the largest and most beautiful in El Fuerte. It was built just below the old fort, and has four layers or brick and adobe construction. Visiting with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico will let you explore this 54 room hotel, and even stay here.

Types of rooms
The hotel has three different styles of rooms for the 54 rooms available when you stay with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico. There are the original bedrooms of the mansion, with the high ceilings and 240 Amapa wood beams and two story balconies. There are newer rooms with views of the gardens, which was typical of the old tropical colonial houses. Finally, there is the new section, the "Casa Vieja", which was completed in 1998. These 12 rooms have modern amenities in the colonial design, surrounding the tropical gardens and beautiful ramada. All of the rooms are air conditioned and have private tile baths. The hotel has a swimming pool, curio shop, and meeting room for guests staying here with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico.
Similar to what you would find in Europe, when you stay here with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico there are no meals included in your stay, which gives you a chance to experience the town and what it has to offer. There is an open air restaurant with Mexican cuisine with dishes such as freshwater lobster, freshwater black bass, "Anahuacalli" tortilla soup, and Mexican shish kebab. There is a selection of Mexican table wine here as well. Experience all that the Hotel Posada del Hildalgo has to offer: rooms and food.

Exploring the city
The streets of El Fuerte have storied streets and ancient alleys. With the old streets and colonial buildings. You can discover the history of the region from Yoreme culture to the outlaws and "bandidos" of El Fuerte. There are one hour walking tours that you can take from the hotel that will start in the hotel's gardens and take you to areas such as Casa Vieja and the Legend of Zorro. You will also stop by the Regional Museum, Iglesia de Nuestro Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, The Town's Plaza, Casa de la Cultura (the Old Fuerte Jail), and the municipal palace.
Hotel Posada del Hildalgo is a beautifully kept mansion that was once the most exquisite home in the city. When you come visit with your car rental Mazatlan Mexico you can have your choice of room type, new or old. There is a lot to see in the Los Mochis region of Mexico, so make sure you stop by to see what life was like in the colonial period of Mexico. Whether you are coming for vacation or a special occasion, you will experience the real Mexico when you are here.

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