Hotel Santa Anita Los Mochis

When planning your next vacation destination don't forget to book the right hotel! Don't book any hotel either. The hotel you pick can be your haven or can become your nightmare. As a hotel guest you deserve the best. Squeaky beds, dirty floors, and bad customer service are just some of the things you won't experience when you travel with your Mexico car rental company AGA Rent A Car. When traveling with your Mexico car rental company AGA Rent A Car just don't expect anything, expect the best! That is why your Mexico car rental highly recommends the Hotel Santa Anita to help make your trip in Mexico an enjoyable one.
To fully enjoy your stay in Mexico, your Mexico car rental company AGA Rent A Car highly recommends you stay for a minimum of 5 days. At the Hotel Santa Anita, they offer a variety of accommodations to their guests including 130 rooms and suites, air conditioning, cable TV, internet, meeting rooms, convention rooms, and parking lot. With accommodations like these, the Hotel Santa Anita is like the comfort of your own home. The Hotel Santa Anita also is home to the Flamingo Travel Agency where guests are encouraged to ask the advice of the travel experts to better enjoy their stay in Mexico.

Mexican cuisine at its best...
Offering the best in Mexican cuisine and seafood dishes are the chefs of the Hotel Santa Anita Los Mochis. Wake up to a breakfast of Huevos Rancheros, a mix of sunny side up egg, over ham, corn tortillas, Mexican beans or hash browns, all drizzled with a delectable Mexican salsa. Why don't you try the Santa Anita Machaca? The two egg omelet which is filled with Mozzarella cheese, shredded beef garnish, diced onions, tomatoes, and green peppers all served with Mexican beans and Flour or Corn Tortillas is a favorite of many of the guests who stay at the Hotel Santa Anita. A Mexican breakfast buffet is also offered. For a great lunch or dinner, your Mexico car rental company highly recommends you try the Mexican Combo Platter, which consists of charboiled beef with guacamole, Mexican beans, chicken enchilada, quesadilla, and beef tamale. This dish will definitely have you craving for more! For something to unwind after a long day of walking tours or business meetings visit the Paradise Lobby Bar which features live music (your Mexico car rental suggests trying the Margaritas!)

Things to do during your stay at the Hotel Santa Anita...
• Get in tune with nature by visiting the Copper and Urique Canyon Mountain Hideaways
• Duck and dove hunting is available year round in Los Mochis
• For the fishermen and women fresh water bass fishing can be done in El Fuerte and deep sea fishing in Topolobampo Bay
• For dolphin sightings tours daily trips to the Topolobampo Bay are made
• To make reservations for these events ask your travel agent for more details or click on this link The Hotel Santa Anita also offers transportation to airports and train stations ( Los Mochis and El Fuerte Chepe)

Hotel Santa Anita Los Mochis
Contact: Av. G. Leyva or M. Hidalgo
Phone: + 52 (668) 818 - 7046 / + 52 (668) 818 - 7189
Fax: + 52 (668) 812 - 0046 / + 52 (668) 818 - 3393
Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
Call Toll Free at 1 - 800 - 896 - 8196

Make sure to check out the Hotel Santa Anita Los Mochis official website at for more information. Also for your convenience, reservations can also be made online.

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