Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals and Imala Spa

When on your trip with Culiacan Mexico car rentals, why don't you treat yourself, body and soul with a little vacation of its own? Hope in a Culiacan Mexico car rentals and allow yourself to take a 30 minute drive away from the core of Culiacan. This drive towards Imala Spa will have you coasting through lush vegetations and passing by some water springs. The Imala Spa is located near the river Tamazula. The area was founded in 1550 and is used for a wide variety of things. There are Indian cave paintings nearby which can be viewed by the public, as well as a popular fishing spot for anglers who take advantage of the artificial lakes, Sanalona and Adolfo López Mateos nearby. However, the biggest attraction is definitely the hot springs that is found here. The springs have long been believed for their supposed powers to cure and if the popularity of the spa represents any of this, this legend is most certainly true.

Spa 101 with Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals
If this is your first time going to a spa, the Imala Spa is an excellent first choice for any person. Culiacan Mexico car rentals have got you covered and has provided the basics of typical spa treatments and what to expect.

Massage - one of the most popular spa treatments, the Swedish massage is the type of massage that is most commonly done. Some other different types of massage also include deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy, reflexology and Thai massage.

Facials - The basic goal of the facial is to deeply cleanse your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. This results in a smooth, clear, and hydrated skin, this is done by a licensed esthetician. The type of facial you will get depends on your skin type, dry, oily, mixed, sensitive, or mature but the basic steps for every facial include: cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, face massage, and blackhead removal. There are also additional facials which target specific problems. These facials are including but not limited to collagen facials, age defense facials, and oxygen facials.

Body Treatments - Body treatments are basically the same thing as a facial but for your body. The "body scrub" is also called a sea-salt scrub. It is the treatment that is most commonly requested by clients. This exfoliation treatment requires you to lie on a massage table while covered with a sheet. Laying on your stomach the massage therapist deeply rubs a mixture containing sea salt and other aromatics into your skin. After your body is completely scrubbed the massage therapist leaves for about 20 minutes or so for you to relax. Afterwards, you take a shower and you are left with a nice glow. Depending on what treatment you have requested, the massage therapist may also offer you a "body mask". This is where your body is wrapped in some sort of hydrating material such as mud, algae, or seaweed.

Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals and Some Tips
• When you make an appointment, tell them that if it is your first time going to a spa

• Ask questions about the different types of treatments, that way you can know which specific treatment will be right for you

• A hot shower makes for a more effective massage

Culiacan Mexico Car Rentals and Ways to Save Money
If you're on a budget but still want to indulge a little, try these great money saving tips when with Culiacan Mexico car rentals.

• For lower rates, come during the week. This will also allow you to avoid the weekend crowd.
• If possible, try to visit the Imala Spa during the off season
• Look for specials or deals the spa is offering or even a membership program

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