Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan Mexico and Important Phone Numbers

Imagine you're driving one of AGA's discount car rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico when suddenly you realize you forgot your wallet back at the gas station. Not only are you stranded in a foreign country without any money, but you've also lost your passport, driver's license and birth certificate. What's a traveler to do? Well, why not start by making a few important phone calls. Losing your wallet doesn't have to be a complete travesty provided you know who to call. AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico has compiled a list of some of the most important need-to-know numbers, so don't wait until it's too late. Print this page out and keep it close at hand during your upcoming AGA Rental Car vacation.

Emergency Numbers
If you try to dial 9-1-1 during your upcoming AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico vacation you'll be out of luck. The emergency contact number in Mexico is 0-6-0. This number will connect you directly to the police who will dispatch an ambulance or fire truck according to your situation. Travelers can also contact the Mazatlan traffic police by calling 983-2616. The Mazatlan fire department can be reached directly at 981-2769. Private ambulances can be arranged for by calling 983-1000. If you require medical attention during your Mazatlan vacation, AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico recommends calling the Hospital Sharp at 986-7911. This hospital accepts U.S. insurance. The Red Cross can be contacted at 981-3690.

Find antibiotics in a bind
There's nothing worse than feeling under the weather during your vacation. Luckily, Mazatlan is home to a number of 24 hour pharmacies, providing customers of AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico with safe, reliable antibiotics. If you're in a bind and need some medical help, AGA recommends contacting the Farmacia Belmar at 914-3199. The Farmacia Moderna is also a great choice; their number is 91605233. Both of these pharmacies boast English speaking pharmacists. If you're in a major bind, AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico can stop by one of the numerous 24 hour pharmacies. These include the Farmacia Hidalgo (913-1355) and the Farmacia Dorado (916-5741).

Contact your Consulate
One of the most important numbers to remember when traveling in a foreign country is that of your local consulate. The consulates that are located in and around Mazatlan include:

• American Consulate, located on Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza, telephone: 916-5889
• Canadian Consulate, located on Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza, telephone: 913-7320
• Belgium Consulate, located at 1 Bis. Olas Altas, telephone: 985-1466
• German Consulate, located at 10 Jacarandas, telephone 981-2077
• France Consulate, located at 1008 B. Dominquez, telephone 985-1228

Cancel your credit cards fast
If you've lost your wallet one of the first things you need to do is call and cancel any credit cards or traveler's checks. If you don't already have the number for your credit company, you may find the following helpful:

• American Express – 01-800-001-3600
• Banamex (Mastercard or Visa) – 01-800-366-3100
• Diners Club – 01-800-500-3000
• Bank of America Travelers Checks – 1-800-700-9500

Beware of pay phones
When traveling through the streets of Mazatlan you may notice a number of payphones plastered to the front of buildings. These phones normally feature a notice reading "To call long distance to the USA or Canada, simply dial 0". These phone booths are put up by private phone companies and are very, very expensive. If you need to make a long distance phone call during your stay, AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico highly recommends placing the call from your hotel or consulate. It will save you a ton on your next credit card bill.

Make sure your upcoming AGA Discount Car Rentals in Mazatlan, Mexico vacation is stress free – copy these important numbers down for safe keeping today.

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